Saturday, November 28, 2009

Light up my life..

We put up our 2009 Christmas tree today!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year, we traveled to my parents house and my brother & his wife came in from Kentucky and we got to shoot a few maternity pictures for them.. I cannot wait to meet Miss A* when she arrives in January/February!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The thing is..

Why have I been so absent from blog land? Because there is only so many things a unemployed photographer can talk about besides.. well.. photos! (And I already HAVE a photoblog for that!) Photography has seriously kept me so completely busy that I even had to miss what would have been a very fun bloggy meet up organized by Lis Loves. Weddings are obviously the source of income for me, and family sessions are just fun! I will be doing two bridal shows in January so I hope that helps round out 2010 business for me. God has been good, every time I get a little discouraged- a client contacts me to book. (Perhaps I should just become depressed...then I'd be RICH!? Just kidding, God!)

I do keep up with my blog friends every day.. if by keeping up can be considered just reading your blogs and being too lazy to sign into THIS blogger account rather than the photobusiness one..

After over a year of living here, David and I have FOUND a church! I think we have at least.. it has really impressed me. See, David was raised Catholic and I was raised Baptist, Southern Baptist to be exact, so finding a middle ground was pretty tough. I thought "oh we'll just go to a non-denominational church" and went one Sunday to a church I passed on the way to a session. Bad. Move. The pastor actually came up to us before the service and asked about our background, when David said he was raised Catholic the pastor let out a chuckle and said, "Well you're in for a REAL treat here!" We probably should have left then. It was.. a little crazy to say the least. The new church is big and contemporary, but not crazy. I was in love the moment I walked in the door. I really hope to get involved in small groups and volunteer when I can.