Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking care of business..

Today I won a small victory in a large war..I paid off my highest interest student loan today! It was 9.75%..eek!
Although I have completely been overworked the past few months, I have been saving a great deal. (I probably should have made higher payments to those loans..but I liked seeing the $$!) The ONE benefit of running a business while working full time! I have three main accounts, a personal account where my $ from my job goes, a business account, and a savings account. Money gets put into the savings account each month and when we purchase a house (soooooon!!!) I will use that money for all the furniture, decor, paint, floors, and other things we may need to get to make it our home. The savings account is important to me because I want those nice things- I could pay off another student loan (or two!) if it weren't there, but then I would have no savings...and I like watching that go up every month. Now..don't go looking at that money tree up there and think I've got one..because I don't. I don't save everything that I could, and in fact I need to be MUCH better about budgeting but I am really thankful to have kicked that one student loan to the curb. The interest rates are just RIDICULOUS! I cringe when I think about how much more I've got left..but this was a definite start!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naked (not me!)

David & I went to the mall recently to get my bracelet (that he bought for our anniversary!) resized. While we were there I stumbled over to the Sephora store, where I always look but hardly ever purchase anything (and instead rack up a TON of Covergirl/Avon/Mary Kay-type makeup that I don't use all of before I purchase something else! Good thinking, I know!) I was on the path of needing an intervention, especially with eye shadow..until I found this:
Now I can throw out ALL my other eye shadow products! I wish they had a better name for it, but it does catch your eye. The set is $44 in store (and apparently goes VERY quickly when in stock, there were only 2 left, and retails for $90 online--ebay/amazon-type of sites) This is by far the BEST eye shadow i've ever come across. All the colors look amazing and that little bottle of eyeshadow primer "potion" is sent from Heaven. The shadow stays on all day and looks fabulous! I am refraining from going back and checking out other Urban Decay products!
(not paid for this post in any way- although I wish I had been to save myself $44!)