Monday, September 29, 2008

Candy Corn & Costumes

(I carved the star pumpkin last year)
Halloween is just around the corner.
We are going to a costume party hosted by my friends from college.
BUT we need to figure out our costume..

Here are the top ideas:
  • Mom & Milkman
    "Mom" dressed in regular clothes, but "pregnant"
    "Milkman" dressed in all white clothes carrying a milk carton
  • Gold Digger & Mr. Money Bags
    Gold digger in gold dress - spray paint small shovels (like kid sandle pails) and make a necklace..big rings, fancy..
    Mr. Money Bags - Nicely dressed with glittery dollar signs
  • Beauty & the Geek
What is your vote??

[Add Title Here]

Dave & I stay in a lot.. but it isn't really by choice. I work from home & am completing my undergrad online, while Dave is completing his masters. We're a bunch of nerds. That is why you all don't get to see many of our adventures, because..well because we don't go on them!! We are trying to do at least one fun thing out of the house a week.

This past weekend we went to the VA State Fair!

As we were walking up to the fair seeing all of the rides I was totally pumped saying, "I am going to ride everything!" These two pictures of Dave & I were taken right before our first ride. The TEACUPS. I thought we would ease into the rides, you not want to do the worst one first.

Let me tell you. This was NOT the teacups I remember. This was TEACUPS from HELL. When the ride started I was like "this is fun" but then it started spinning really really really fast..and wouldn't stop spinning. I kept saying I didn't feel good and thought I was going to throw up..this is how our conversation on the teacups went:

Me: I hate this ridddddeee
David: Close your eyes
Me: My eyes ARE closed
David: Put your head back
Me: My head is back!!! I want to get offf!

I am so glad I did not throw up. I have never felt worse on a ride. On a silly fair ride nonetheless! ****I just realized something. I did go to the doctor on Friday and I DID get antibiotics for the UTI. Strong ones. That is probably why I got so sick. Duh Megan. Okay, so now that we all know not to go ride crazy rides while on antibiotics, we can move on.

After getting off the teacups my head hurt and I felt nauseated. In fact, I felt sick until I woke up on Sunday morning.
I didn't want to ride anything else after getting off the devil's cups, but thought the Ferris Wheel was pretty harmless!
David is scared of heights.
I don't know why he said we could get on this.
I promise I am not laughing at him in this picture.
I promise I did not take it purely for the purpose to show you all.
I do think it is super super cute.
& I have learned that it is not "nice" to laugh at your hubs.

She is having an amazing giveaway
In honor of her friend, Lindsey.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ideas for the BIG day..

Even though we haven't set a date for the 'ceremony' yet.. (I believe it will be August 1, 2009--since that is a Saturday and makes perfect sense..since it was the same day we..well, you know.) We, okay let's be honest, I have ideas of what I want.

The Colors: Black, White, & Red as the accent color
Time: Evening
Place: The location will be at my home church, and it is special because it is the same church my parents got married in. The church sanctuary is really pretty, and it is the church I grew up in. We can have the reception down in the "reception hall" and that is VERY nice because we will not have to pay for the ceremony location or reception site.. which is something that brides/grooms spend a lot of money on.
After party: I would like to be able to go to the local country club after the reception to "boogy down" and drink a few.. We cannot do that at the church, but I really think being able to dance and drink a little really makes weddings fun.

I like this idea for the set up of the reception..but I think it is too much black..needs a pop of color. I would like to have something red as the centerpieces..
Having something along the lines of red roses as the centerpiece would be lovely..and of course some tealight candles and other things around the centerpiece would tie it off nicely.

I am IN LOVE with this cake. I am not sure how I feel about using fresh flowers on the maybe fake ones?? And I want a sparkly "G" wedding topper.
Bridesmaid dresses.
Not sure if I am crazy about the bow.
A dress like this paired with a beautiful red necklace.
Ah, I'm in Heaven.

Can you tell I have spent a lot of time thinking about this? What are your honest thoughts!?!? I know it is "MY DAY" and all, but I like honesty. I want the black/white/red theme because I think it is classy && the bridal party pictures will be amazing.

I'm defective.

I know you all are not doctors..and in fact I am going to see my doctor tomorrow on this issue. UTI's SUCK. I have had 2 in less than six months, and this one makes 3. How crazy?!? I don't get it. I am doing everything to prevent them.

See..Here's the Check-List to Prevent them:
  1. Water helps flush your urinary tract, so make sure you drink plenty of plain water daily. CHECK. I drink water ALL day.

  2. Don't hold it when you need to urinate! Women are often guilty of trying to finish a task before they go to the bathroom. Holding it, when you need to go, can help any bacteria that may be present develop into a full-fledged urinary tract infection. This one I get a double check. I pee alllll the time and at least 5x before I actually go to sleep, and at least once during the night..usually at 3AM.

  3. You've probably heard that you should wipe from front to back after a bowl movement. This is especially important to help prevent bacteria from the anus from entering the vagina or urethra. Ok, Duh. I totally know how to wipe.

  4. Taking showers instead of tub baths helps to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra and causing a UTI. This is one I should work on. I take baths. But I don't like taking showers because I can't see if someone is coming in the bathroom to kill me. BUT I do totally wash off with soap before I put the drain down.

  5. Always wash your genital area both before and after sexual intercourse to help prevent transferring bacteria to the urethra or vaginal area which can create a breeding ground for UTI. Check. I am a clean freak. Especially before/during these circumstances.

  6. Feminine hygiene sprays and douches, particularly scented douches, can irritate the urethra and possibly begin a case of UTI. So, be safe and learn to say "No" to feminine hygiene sprays and douches. Doing so will help prevent not only urinary tract infections, but also other infections and irritations that these products may cause. "Say 'No' to Feminine hygiene sprays" Doesn't that sound like they are alive and coming after you? I have never used these.

  7. Drinking cranberry juice is a fairly well known and natural way to both help prevent urinary tract infections, as well as help speed the recovery process when UTI develops. Just drinking two 4 ounce glasses of cranberry juice daily is often enough to both prevent UTI and speed recovery when an infection does develop. I take 2-6 cranberry pills daily.

  8. Another nutritional route that may help prevent UTI is Vitamin C supplements taken on a regular basis. Vitamin C increases the acidity level of urine which in turn helps decrease the number of harmful bacteria that may be present in your urinary tract system. I take a multivitamin daily that includes 100% vitamin C.

  9. Always wear panties with a cotton crotch. White cotton panties are even better. Cotton fabric lets moisture escape while other fabrics can trap moisture, creating a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Check. I haven't even worn butt floss in a long time.

  10. If you are one of a large number of women who suffers from frequent, recurrent urinary tract infections, a change in your position during sexual intercourse may help reduce the number of UTIs that you experience. Changing sexual positions may reduce friction on your urethra and reduce your risk of recurrent UTI. Women who suffer from extremely frequent urinary tract infections may be prescribed an antibiotic to take immediately after sex to help prevent the likelihood of urinary tract infection occurrence. Change of positions? Check Check Check. haha.

Sigh. This is so frusterating.

Dear Bladder,
What the #@$( your problem?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

Say hello to Sarah
My Baby Sister
Well, she recently turned 14 year old
(Oh man, she's getting big!!)
Do you see those bright blue eyes?
Is she not absolutely stunning?!?!
Do you know why she doesn't show her teeth in pictures??
Yup, you got it, BRACES.
Do you want to know what I looked like with braces?
Sorry, not going to happen.
I had glasses & braces at the SAME time.
I was one ugly kid.

Reasons why I wouldn't like her if she wasn't my sister:
  1. Her boobs are bigger than mine, and have been since she was 12. She lets me know it too.
  2. She is taller than me. And.has.been.since.she.was.12. Oh and she calls ME - HER - little sister.
  3. She NEVER EVER went through the awkward stage. She has always been beautiful.
  4. Her stomach is so flat. And will always be that way. She takes after my mother. I (yeah thanks Daddy..NOT) got my Fathers genes..a little hips & booty. I don't mind the booty though..but I would thing boobs would come with the package deal...Nope.
  5. She has SUCH a good head on her shoulders. I was such a hellion. Maybe she noticed what I did and did everything I did in opposite... :)
  6. She has "dated" (like, sees him at church and does youth activities with him) her boyfriend for a year & half & they have not kissed. They only recently started holding hands. (I told her if she waits until her wedding day to kiss a boy I would give her a million far she's winning, but I think I've got plenty of time!) I think they're both scared, and it's too cute.
  7. With her three sisters and one brother out of the house, she is living the "only-child" high life. I was always the "middle" child, and you know how middle children are!!
  8. She has a TV & Phone in her room & oh yeah, a LAPTOP. I couldn't even TALK on the phone in my room when I was her age. I never got a phone either. And I ONLY got a laptop when I went to COLLEGE. Can we say spoiled!!

Okay, for real I was kidding when I said I wouldn't like her if she is my sister. She is an awesome kid.

It's Almost Here!

September 25, 2008
9 PM

I am so excited for this season.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here Zebra Zebra Zebra..

I was transferring my pictures from my older laptop to my newer one and came across these..

If you ever find yourself in Natural Bridge, VA make sure you check out the Virginia Safari Park. It is one of the.coolest.places.ever. You can drive your car around and feed and be face to face with camels, zebras, elk, llamas, bison, ostich, lots of different deers & antelope, giraffes... (See if you can tell which is my favorite animal)

(The above Zebra is one I want to frame)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pretty Things..

Since I probably had a TMI post earlier
I thought I'd take another stab at blogging today..

You see, I am one of those TERRIBLE gift givers. Meaning, I always spoil the surprise. My mother LOVES Thomas Kinkade. (almost as much as I love sex...whaaa?) So, I was online browsing all of the wonderful things I could get her for Christmas (I know it isn't even cold out yet, but I love buying things for people) and stumbled upon this:

A Thomas Kinkade Welcome Flag

I know she loves his work so much I couldn't make her wait until Christmas to get it. So I called her and told her I was sending her something, but I wasn't going to tell her what it was! Before I got off the phone, she knew what she was getting and when it should arrive. Arrrgh.

One day I will keep a birthday/Christmas/special occasion gift a secret!

Sex (need I say more?)

That's right folks, today I am talking about sex.

The thing I do not understand about sex is...why can it not freely be talked about? Granted, it is a private matter between two people (unless you're into the other "sort of thing") But STILL.. ALL adults do it..and on a somewhat regular basis (Well, and a lot of kids now a days too..Geez Louise)

I love sex.
Most certainly, not sex with some random joe schmoe.
Sex with David.
Is the Best. Ever.

Now we can move to the funny story, right?

The most embarrassing moment with David has to be the time we were (well you know..its what this whole post is about) and something just sounded, weird. Squishy, even. Well at the end I am getting up and a huge WERID noise comes from down there. I think the word is so gross that I am not going to say it. Dave & I just look at each other as I am clasping myself with my hand because I dont want it to happen again.. and we laugh. As I am laughing it happens again and again. David made a comment about the "air jets busting" or something. Either way, I hate it when that happens. All I can say is at least we can find humor in it. If we didn't, I think I would have sworn off sex forever.

Side note: I wish that I had "saved myself" for David. Even if we had to go through the "this is really awkward and I don't really like it" phase. The meaning behind it would have been worth it by far.

I am not going to ask you to share a funny sex story, because some people would consider that extrememly rude. But if you want, go ahead!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Funny.

Logging on to myspace today
Saw a comment to me from this guy:

The comment:
"hello megg have really heard to much from you lately so how are things and as you can see im a man now yeah im starting to look pretty good or so ive heard or someones playing a mean joke hahaha lol"


Firstly, I went to highschool with his OLDER sister who was YOUNGER than that makes him...what, not even an adult now? --Thanks, but I don't want to go to jail--

Secondly, I think he's like 5ft. tall. If.That.

Thirdly, "..and as you can see im a man now" should I EVEN comment on that one? Have you seen Dave? Now, HE is a man. He could use you as a toothpick, buddy. And also on my third point, who the hell says something like that?? I can see that you're a man...whatttt? (And that makes the first time I have ever cussed on my blog. Guess i'm not so innocent anymore. hehe)

Fourthly, I hope you are "starting to look good" because you used to remind me of a starved rat.

Finally, I am not even going to touch on correcting that grammer.

Am I mean? Possibly. Ok, Yes.
But--who sends someone a comment like that?

Picture This.

Do you ever drive around to look at the big houses? We live in a community FULL of HUGE HUGE HUGE houses. And they are all so pretty. About a week ago we took one such drive and ended up on a certain road and in the far distance you see this:
This picture certainly does NOT do the house justice. (I couldn't exactly get out and take a picture, it had to be quickly snapped then I turned around) Do you see that "road"?? That is like 1/6 of the distance of the road leading to the house. Before you get to this point, there are tonsss of trees on both sides...simply beautiful.

Where the picture of the house is taken, if you look to the left
this is what you see. I love this barn.

If I had the courage to go talk to the owners to see if I could take a couple shots around their property I would say this:
Hi, my name is Megan. (I think I could get through that much pretty well) yourhouseisstunningandIhavedrivenby,wellnotonlyby,Iactually droveALLthewaydownyourdriveway (breathe) well,notallthewaydown, Ididn'twanttostalkyoubutyourhouseissopretty. (is this the part they would call the cops?)

You get the picture. I'd be a wreck. I can bet that this isn't the first time someone has commented on their beautiful house. Although, I am pretty sure that it wasn't some random stranger that has already taken a picture of it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did you hear?

The Pink Potpourri held a giveaway last Friday.
It was this beaaaaaautiful necklace.
Precious Pink Designs is the maker, and it is stunning.

And guess what?


I am working on getting some of my photography landscapes and animal portraits into a gallery. Perhaps I should make one of them a giveaway? I am waiting on the pictures to arrive from getting developed & then I will do a giveaway!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Small Spaces = Not for Me.

Friday my sister texted me asking what Dave & I were doing for the weekend. Since no major plans were set, she decided her & Riley would go on a Road Trip. (The "boys" -her husband & son- were camping for the weekend) It was supposed to take them at least four hours to get here, but they made it in 3.5 hours with a stop or to along the way. (I think we drive the same way)

Such a wonderful weekend.
& here are some pictures:

Me at the "pond" behind our apartment.
Why is my stomach sticking out?

Riley & I feeding the fish

This was a HORRIBLE picture of me
so I tried to make it look not-so-scary by messing the light up.
I don't think it worked though! :/

I am getting chills by just looking at this picture.
You see, we decided to play a little hide-and-seek.
It started by all of us taking different turns hiding Riley.
(Who would nicely fit into small areas)
..and then Riley wanted me to hide.
So Dave & Riley wait outside
& Kirsten and I are running around to find a spot for me.
We settled on this little cabinet beside the sink.
As soon as I got in there I started feeling sick.
But, I had to wait until Dave/Riley found me.
I didn't want to be the loser who couldn't hide.
I believe that I am extremely claustrophobic.

The story is pretty funny though.
They looked for about 10 minutes.
Couldn't find me.
So Dave is all "I'm trying to find things out of place"
and then, he FINALLY notices the crockpot
is by his desk, under his bag.
(Firstly, I couldn't hide under his bag, too small)
I was like CRAP I'm totally getting caught now.
but, (haha) I do the cooking
and Dave didn't know where I normally put the crockpot.
So I had a few more minutes of him searching
until I was finally found.

By the time I got out, (and you can start to see it in the picture)
My foot had turned completely purple
and hurt so bad.
Dave opens the cabinet and Riley yells,
It took another 15 minutes to get back to normal.

There was a lot of this for a short visit.
Riley would get on Dave's back
and he'd "flop down" and then do a push up.
She was totally amused.

I tried, thank goodness there were no pictures.
it's a lot harder than it looks.
(& can we take a moment and stare at the sexy arms..mmm)

It was late, and you can tell that by the grossness of my face.
This picture reminds me of HOW GREAT Dave is going
to be at being a "daddy"
3 years. That's all I have to wait :)
Riley & I taking a walk.
She is so precious :)

Tell me, what did YOU do this weekend?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh man.

As of right now I live a comfortable life.
My income well surpasses my bills & spending.
And we have both Dave & my income to live on.
Everyone knows double incomes are the best.
That may change soon.

USBIC is the company I have been working for since January.
They're based in DC
I love my job.
I have the flexibility of working from home.
I am provided with an amazing salary.

There is so many details in many different directions that I don't want to try and unravel the story for you. Basically, USBIC, which was founded in 1933 may be closing down.
Well, it's probably 95% sure that they will.

I just got off the phone with Kevin, the President, and he said "if you find another job, take it. Come Monday I think we will all be looking for jobs."

Which means, yours truly will have to find a real job.

I don't know where life is going to take me. will be okay.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To My Love <3

Dearest David,

Stop "flopping" into bed. At least your funny and tried at least 5x last night to get into bed without breaking it. Even though every time you flopped more than the time before..jerk ;) I say that with love. It always wakes me up when you flop into bed and i'm already sleeping. Even when I am awake and you let all of your body weight hit the bed like a ton of bricks, I still get annoyed. Is it that hard to crawl into bed?

Also.. You know I don't like your leg hairs on me when I sleep. They make me too hot. Maybe you should shave them? ..But even then, sadly, I don't think I would want them on me. I like my space. You like to cuddle, it's cute. Really it is, for about 5 minutes until I am ready to go to sleep.

Another thing, I really don't mind that you wake up at 5somethinginthemorning to get ready to go to work. Afterall, I happily go back to sleep until 9AM until it is time for me to turn on my computer and get to work. And I think it is SUPER cute that you come and lay beside me every morning (to tell me you love me and you'll be home after work)with your wonderful smelling breath and clean shaven face, but please forgive me for not wanting to talk. I'm half asleep and I know what my breath smells like in the morning. If I had a (oh no, what is that stupid doll called that you talk through it and don't move your own mouth?!?) Well, if I had ONE OF THOSE, I would do that.

Finally, my love, when I got up this morning to pee-at like 6AM-and you said "would you wash your hands please?" as I was walking back to bed..I am sorry if I was rude by saying "I DONT WANT TO..THE COLD WATER WILL WAKE ME UP, GOSH!!" But I washed my hands. Didn't I? You know that I hardly ever wash my hands after I use the bathroom, especially in my own house. I don't see the point, unless I get a little pee on them or something. What is it about washing your hands after you go to the bathroom? I totally use enough toilet paper so that no pee drippage gets on me.

But we'll make this whole sleeping arrangement/bathroom ettiquitte work.

I love you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Kindergarten Mrs. Hall called me "motor mouth"

Two nights ago I had a wonderful dream
&& in dreamland I was petting this:
Except he (or she) was much bigger
and MUCH, MUCH more fluffy.

But then I got woken up by this:
He said I was petting him.
(He's saying, "don't take a picture of me, I'm eating" hehe)
Literally petting him.
--->Enter total embarrassment<--

..I wish there was a way I could get my dreams under control.
Every night I talk.
Sometimes SCREAM.

And most of the time I can remember what I was talking (or screaming) about.
crazy . crazy . crazy

Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I love working from home..

(Picture taken about 10 minutes ago..)


I don't have to make my hair pretty..
It can be its "hot mess" self
Some days I don't wear makeup
(but I always put some on before Dave comes home)

My work day starts at 9
I get out of bed at 8:55
and turn on my computer

I can throw in a load of laundry
while figuring out just how bad our economy is

My business attire is always neatly hung in the closet
and I currently have a tank top & shorts on

I can sit on my couch and work
but most days I try to stay at my desk
since i'm more productive that way..

Working from home makes Mondays
not seem so bad!

Check out one of my FAVORITE blogs,
My Journey Toward: The Glamorous Life of a Housewife
She is having an AMAZING giveaway.
Please ignore my comment to her about my movie.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What I would do..

Yesterday I texted Dave and said, "I think we should buy a lottery ticket" and then last night I was flipping channels and on TLC was a show about winning the lottery and how it changed their life. Talk about jealousy! I know that I will NEVER win the lottery, but if I did... this is what I would want to do with the money:
  • Buy a nice house && decorate it..
  • Give our parents money (after all, if they won, I would hope they would give us some money!)
  • Donate to a church (that should be first on the list!!)
  • Make a college fund for Josh (Dave's nephew..sweetest thing.. weird mother.. long story)
  • Buy two new cars
  • Give the brothers & sisters some
  • Travel..(Bora Bora, here I come!)
  • Put money aside for future children
  • Depending on how much we won, QUIT our jobs!
  • Invest the rest.
What would you do if you won the lottery?