Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting rid of the extras

Between searching for our new home, working full time, running a business, AND growing a baby-- there has been no time for anything else! We closed on our new home Friday (more about that later!) and have begun the long process of packing up and getting everything ready for the move. Thankfully the home is new and is painted all one color. That may be less than ideal, but the positive is we do not have to paint over anyone else's hideous choices.

I am excited to go through everything we own and either throw away or donate things that haven't been used in six months. I have never been one to hold on to a lot of "stuff" but we still have to trim the extras and go to this new home with the essential items. You know.. in order to pile on more junk!

Now the "fun" things of being a new homeowner get to happen.. like paying $200+ to change the locks on the four doors that lead to the outside of your house. That one still hurts!!