Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Orleans

Last month I went to New Orleans/Biloxi for a business trip.

I am not a good flyer- So on the way down I took some pills [Nerve Tonic- CVS!] that worked WONDERS and I wasn't a mess at all. [they also do NOT make you sleepy! Just...calm] However, the day we were leaving to fly back I did not feel anxious and decided I didn't NEED the pills. Big.Mistake. Halfway through the first flight I was throwing up and decided I couldn't take the 2nd connecting flight (only 30 minutes!) home so I instead paid $300, rented a car, and drove 4 hours home. What a trip. Next time I'll KNOW better than to try and play it cool. Just take the meds, Meg.
I wasn't going to lug around my big camera so I purchased a Nikon Coolpix (and i'm a CANON shooter! Gasp!) to snap a few pictures while I was there. When I got there I honestly wanted a break from shooting so I hardly pulled out my camera, however--there were a few times that I remembered this was my first time in the area and it should be documented and this is what I got:

As soon as I decide on sizes & placement I will be blowing up a few of these for the walls at home!