Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making Effort

Sadie is not allowed on our bed. We love her dearly and if my husband had his way she would snuggle up next to me at night (and I don't like to snuggle at night!) but Sadie always manages to find her way to me and maybe it's because her Daddy is all muscle and her Momma's got a few comfy curves. Sadie sheds..a lot.. and THAT is the main reason she is not allowed on the bed- I don't like waking up with a blanket (dog hair) on me!

Recently as I am getting into bed and about to say my prayers I am distracted by the amount of hair on the bed. How can this be? She is not allowed on the bed! Our rotten little girl is sneaking up on the bed during the day and taking herself a nice nap. How do I know this? I came home the other day and she was sleeping (on the bed!!) so soundly that I didn't wake her up when I came in the door, shut the door, or dropped the groceries on the floor. I even got to take a picture before she decided to wake up. What a stinker!!A few weeks ago we went to my in-laws for a cook out before my BIL went back to Afghanistan. This is the first time I've been IN a picture in a LONG time! David & I have a session scheduled with a friend next week so when we get those pictures back I will have a reason to blog and will be sure to post some! I cannot wait for the session! That's one of the best things about being a photographer, swapping sessions!!
Our nieces & nephews with their water balloons & guns.. How fun is this picture? :) I want to put it on a canvas and place it above the fireplace.

...until next time!