Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since work banned Facebook (yes, I know, I'm still recovering) I have had to find other things to fill my day with. I used to work 8 hours straight but quickly realized there was no fun in that. 5 minute "sanity breaks" here and there are heaven's gift to the work day.

Of course a lot of my breaks are spent checking babycenter.com and I really need to stay off of those boards.. those women will scare you into thinking you're pregnant with Satan! Twitter is also nice, but it just doesn't compare to Facebook! I have found this website though that is pretty darn lovely....

Within Pinterest you are able to "pin" different items do boards you categorize. It allows you to create your own dream land of pretty things.. I have cateogories for the future house, ideas for baby, portraits I adore, and many more! (The link above takes you to MY pinterest!)

Here are a few of my favorite things from my "home" cateogory!

Clearly, I am obsessed with grey and white! It's just so clean and fresh! I even used it when I rebranded my business I went with those colors and a pop of a yellow tone! Unfortunately a lot of other people are starting to love grey & yellow too..but hopefully they'll be on to something new soon! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

9 weeks!

I am 9 weeks today!
In 3 weeks we will be considered in the “safe zone” but my DR is already confident that everything will go as we hope.

Yes.. I know I’m huge! Ignore the fact that my belly is already the biggest part of my body!;)
We still have a LONG way to go in this journey but I am so excited!

P.S. I am still trying to figure out if pregnancy cravings are REAL or just an excuse for mama’s to eat what they want..can someone fill me in on this?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd Ultrasound

We have completed 8 weeks of pregnancy! We had a 2nd ultrasound last Tuesday, January 11th (8w1d) and the heartbeat increased to 158bpm! With the increase in heartbeats, my tummy size has also increased! The (terrible quality phone pic!) belly shot was taken at 8w3d and if you scroll back a little to the 5 week picture you will see a BIG change! I am going to have David take a better quality picture tomorrow.

This week I have been pretty tired, typically taking a nap when I get home from work. I get little bursts of energy here & there and do not spend all of my time on the couch. Nausea is pretty constant but I am still able to eat.

I had 3 sessions here this weekend, at my "home studio" and realized that right now, doing back to back sessions is not something that I can do! My lower back was killing me after I was finished.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting Game

Pregnancy is one big waiting game and it's really hard to be patient.

waiting for..
the appointment confirming the pregnancy
the first heartbeat to make sure everything is okay..
the right time to tell family
the right time to announce the pregnancy
the baby bump as a physical sign
the first trimester to.be.over.
the ultrasound that tells whether the baby is a boy or girl
sweet baby G to arrive!

I know that there is a LOT that is going to happen between the u/s letting us know what we're having and the arrival of our sweet baby..but mainly I'm just anxious to get out of the first trimester.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It is still strange to me that I am "with child" I hope it is more realistic to me when I am showing. I am longing for the moments when people can tell just by looking at me.. currently I am in the "top button on jeans doesn't want to button" stage. That's a hard stage!

"Sickness" is completely different with pregnancy. When I get sick I can immediately eat again and I don't have to stay in bed and watch TV all day (although that would be nice!). People don't have to stay away from me for fear that they'll catch whatever I've got (although if YOU'RE sick please stay away from ME!).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

6 weeks behind us!

6 weeks behind us in our pregnancy.. it's still so early on! The time has passed quickly and I'm hoping it continues to do so for the next few weeks!

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant! I believe we will share the good news around 8 weeks. I cannot wait for everyone to find out..and finally be able to "publish" these blog posts! At our first ultrasound we were told baby is 4mm in length, this week baby will grow to almost 13mm! (Think of a large blueberry!) It is so strange to think that something started between David & I is now the size of a large blueberry and will eventually weigh about 6 pounds before we get to meet him/her!

This week, our baby's mouth & tongue are forming! The eyes have a retina & lens and the major muscle systems are continuing to develop. This is a big week for baby as he/she will begin to produce their own blood. Baby is also swimming around her home!

Baby is making me very sick, but I keep reminding myself it will not last forever! It's strange to think that something I cannot even see is causing so much sickness. (And the boobs..ohhh the poor sore boobs!)

I am a natural side sleeper although every night I have woken up to find myself sleeping on my back! I have never been a back sleeper and this little habit needs to quit before the 2nd trimester!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Appointment

Meet Baby Garrison :)
We saw our baby for the first time on Thursday, December 30 around 3:15 PM. It was love at first sight.

I was really nervous before the appointment, thinking crazy thoughts like, "What if they tell me I'm not really pregnant?" I have had blood tests (and multiple pregnancy tests!) to confirm that it IS true..that we ARE going to be parents..so I tried to quiet the voices in my head.

The best part of the appointment was unexpected..hearing our baby's heartbeat! Going strong at 122bpm.

I cannot wait until our next ultrasound! Our little blur will look more like a baby!