Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Listen to yourself

Those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook know that for quite a while now I have been dealing with migraines. My first one was in June of last year. I went to the doctor the next day because I had never experienced such pain. I started a new birth control, the Nuva Ring in May and had a check up sometime early July to discuss how it was going and if I had experienced any side effects. I told the Doctor (obgyn) about the migraine and the constant headaches, but he assured me it would have happened sooner if it were linked to the Nuva Ring. Over the next 9 months the migraines would become more frequent and I would have many tests done to see exactly why the migraines were always in the same spot. In March I had 2-3 a week with the final one lasting 4 days. I took every medicine I was prescribed and nothing would knock that migraine. It would go away for a little, but the pressure was still there, and I honestly didn't know how I would live my life with such constant headaches. It was very frustrating because I just wanted to know why I was getting them and even keeping a food & headache journal provided no insight on pattern.

After the 4-day migraine I had the mentality that "I don't care what you say (Neurologist, OBGYN, or Family Doctor!) it has GOT to be the birth control!" so I stopped taking it. I had a one withdrawal migraine and haven't had even the slightest headache since. I've gone headache free for a little over a month and

Now, this could all be a big coincidence and I could get more migraines in the future, but for now I'm just thankful that I decided to take action against something and for now it as worked. I've had issues with every sort of birth control I've ever taken (mostly just break through bleeding) so at this point, we're just being careful :)

(p.s. I really enjoyed the Nuva Ring, besides the whole idratherdiemigraines. Medicine effects everyone differently, i'm not saying they should ban the Nuva Ring, it just didn't work for me.)