Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feeling Guilty.

I have always been proud of myself in the fact that I have never stolen anything. Not even as a child. So tell me WHY the other day, when I was paying for my overpriced sub did I say that I did not want a fountain drink. I then thought, "Oh yes I do, but you're going to look dumb and probably explain way to much about how you said you didn't but now you do in fact want that cup for soda."

Me. An Adult. Stole. The. Cup. And. Filled. It. With. Diet. Coke.
..and a lemon

I could have filled it with water, and not have felt guilty, but I sucked down that Diet Coke & Lemon with a smile.

How bad is that?

Oh wow.

I just came across this blog today. It brought tears to my eyes as I was reading. (I am not sure if it is acceptable to blog about other peoples blog, but I don't care) Matt married Liz and they created Madeline. A day after Madeline was born, Liz died. I cannot imagine what he is going through and the thoughts that are constantly racing through his head having to raise this perfect little baby by himself. I encourage you to check out his blog. He seems like the best father, ever.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh yes I did.

Years ago when I went to the DMV for my learners permit, I had to take two tests, both which should have been able to be done with ease! However, I was so nervous and couldn't wait to have my sunglasses on, the wind in my hair, and of course my mother beside me because it was after all the learners permit and not the actual license. I had heard that the DMV would give you questions to make you think, and some might even be trick answers! For the signs test, there were 10 questions, and you had to pass them ALL to go to the next, slightly easier, test.

Question 1 looks something like this:
What does this sign mean:

1. drive with caution.
2. stop if necessary.
3. you must come to a complete stop.
4. slow down.

My thoughts:
"Oh man, this is the first question and I don't want to miss it. I know it is a stop sign, but if you HAD to stop then it would have the word "STOP" on it. This is a tricky test, just like so-and-so told me. Okay, i'm going to go with number 2."

The computer screen then nicely tells me that I have to wait a week and try to take the test again.

And I cried.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have never won any sort of a contest that picks a winner randomly. Until TODAY! Tip Junkie sent me a comment that said I had won a gift from Charming Gifts that I had entered in yesterday. It will be personalized for me, and sent to me. How cool!

And this is what I won:
Do you have "luck"? Ever won any sort of randomly drawn contest?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Post Secret

This secret was one of the postcards sent in that's updated every Sunday on PostSecret. This was the response under it, which I couldn't have written better myself:

"The tattoo doesn't smile at me, it can't talk to me and I can't make it proud. My tattoo couldn't fill an empty seat when I graduated from college, and it can't walk me down the aisle when I get married."

I got teary eyed reading the response. 14 years ago this November I watched a heart attack take my fathers life. In losing a loved one, especially a parent or close family member, it doesn't ever get easier. The pain never goes away. You learn to start each day with your head up high and deal with the pain. Every day you get stronger in dealing with the pain.

I do have a rememberence tattoo, but I'd prefer to have my Father. After my father died I would look up to the stars, for many many years--every night. And when there were stars in the sky (which in the country is almost every night) I would pick the prettiest one. The star I picked was my father's star, in a way, it's the way I imagined Heaven. I have a 3-star tattoo, one star for myself, and one for my brother & for my sister. One of the reasons I am excited to move out of DC is that I don't see the stars anymore.
I hope you're proud of the woman i've become..

Friday, July 25, 2008

One should always be 100% at work!

So I decided to post this instead of posting a secret that I so badly wanted to post! I am very excited about this little secret, and will tell you all soon! :0)

On Monday - Be 12%

Tuesday - Be 23%

Wednesday - Be 39%

Thursday - Be 21%

..And on Friday - Be 5%

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It gets better.

I take the metro 2x every day Monday - Friday
I get on, hoping for a seat
(although usually I have to stand because it's so crowded)
Yesterday, however, I was one of the lucky ones.
So i'm automatically in a good mood because I don't have to carefully position myself between people like a human tetris.

Two stops right before mine a lot of people emptied out of the metro and this one lady (nice outfit, well-put-together makeup) gets on.


And then she raised her arm to grab the top bar.


And I saw something like this:

So Naturally, My face goes like this:

(thanks Corbis)

So i'm sitting there with "a little throwup in my mouth" and then....


I'm thinking, Holy Cow. Awkward. What do I do now.

So I acted like my contacts were bothering me.
I don't think I played it off very well either.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keep It Real

So I was tagged by Liz to "keep it real" who got the inspiration from Melissa who got it from Sheena. I contemplated breaking the chain. I mean, I reallllly didn't want to "get real" ::sigh:: but i'll throw myself out there.

  • I am deathly afraid of "weird voices" especially if you make a weird voice and it's dark. Dave thought it was funny when he realized this fear of mine until I started bawling. We had watched this movie, I forget what it was-- but one of the characters said in a low/creepy voice "Eve". That's it--->"Eeeeeve". Well that's when I told him how I don't like those types of things, and that is the night I crouched into a ball and started bawling after he tried to scare me later on. I don't like getting scared.
  • I talk in my sleep. Sometimes not just talk, but scream. I have nightmares a lot. I have woken up numerous times after I punched the wall.
  • Sometimes, doing something a little "mean" to someone else, makes me feel happy.
  • I smoke- I don't really know why, i'm not addicted (just trust me)- I just enjoy smoking.
  • One time, when I was twelve, my sister (who was 20) came to visit and I stole a pair of her thongs out of her bag because my mother wouldn't let me wear them. So I wore them once (btw, WAYY too big, I wasn't even fitting into a 00 at that time!) and then wanted to wash them, so I stuck them in my pants leg when Mom came to get my clothes, she found them in the dryer--and gave them back to my sister.
  • I will write notes over and over again until I am satisfied with my handwriting. In college, I would take notes in class then recopy the notes later that night--said it was my way of "studying"--i really just didn't like my handwriting.
  • I wish I could be anorexic, but I can't- I just like food too much.
  • I can only go "number 2" at my house. I always get nervous on vacation because I just can't go!--So instead of getting myself sick, I don't take long vacations anymore :)
  • I have a scar on my hand from a HUGEEEE wart that used to be there. I went to the doctor and got it froze off- and in the process of it dying (and taking its sweet time!) it filled up with blood so I put a band aid over it. Well to make a long story short some lady bumped into it, causing blood to gush out and got on her, and the floor...I was so mortified (because I was already self conscience about the wart) that I ran away, found my mom, and made her leave her cart with stuff in the aisle so we could high-tail it out of there.
I dare YOU to post a few "keeping it real" things about yourself!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girls Trip :0)

My co-worker, Sarah, and my roomie, Regina & I are taking a trip in September to West Palm Beach! Not only that, but we are going to be staying at The Ritz-Carlton! Sarah is the Savings Queen and found an amazing deal (Normally $500/night nothing included down to $140/night + $150 credit towards food or drink + Breakfast for 2 every day)

There's only oneeee tinnnyyy problem:
Hurricane Season.
Do we chance it?

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Let the actors do the talking, silence your cells."

The Dark Knight + 1:50 Showing (Completely Crowded) + Popcorn/Soda = Great Movie!

Apparently, others thought so too with making
over $155 Million:: setting a new box office record. Definitely recommend watching it. I cannot watch a movie in the theatre's without popcorn & soda. Even though I know it's a rip-off to buy it, I have to!

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, July 18, 2008

If I wasn't at work..

Let's face it. I'd rather not be at work today. In fact I would even prefer to have the "womanly" checkup. (note to self, schedule that.) In spite of my incrediably comfortable bed luring me back for another thirty minutes of sleep this morning--I was able to get out of bed and come to work. Ever notice it's harder to get back up to get ready if you give in to the temptation of laying back down for al little bit? Its like your body is making fun of you for laying back down & it's twice as hard to get your day going..

Anyways, here are a couple of photos
I pulled from my random facebook albums
and decided I would rather be in these places than in my office:

Driving down the country road. Windows down, Music Up.
(Except it's hot and I would have the windows up with the A/C full blast & the Music at a reasonable level)

Leaving my shoes behind to cool off in the water.
(..and maybe coming back to a nice drink and my hand and my handsome man by my side)

The Zoo.
I love the zoo. The End.

On a bench watching the water.
(Ok, I'm lying. I'd rather be on a boat on the water..but I like the picture.)

Would you like to also be somewhere else today?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

FreAKy DrEAms

Last night, I had a dream that I was at my parents house. The exact house they currently live in. Out of nowhere mountain lions appeared and one attacked me before I was able to get a gun. Later in dream i'm picking those sneaky suckers off left and right with my gun.

Dream Meanings - LIONS

To dream that you are attacked by a lion,
indicates that you have many obstacles to overcome.
You must resist the force that is driving you to self-destruction.

I like looking into dream meanings, a lot of time it provides truthful insight into what is going on in my life. Have you had a weird dream recently? If you want to type in a couple words of what you remember to see what it could mean, click here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Came across this site today and it was TOO good to not blog about! I think modesty is important, and if you're conservative, these swimsuits just might be the key to getting out in the sun! (ok, i'm kidding. But Seriously, check out the site!) BTW, this is WAY TOO SAFE for work.

Aren't I Pretty..

These photo's should be burned, but I thought someone might get a kick out of how ridiculous I looked:
(P.S. These are all AT least a year old--All taken at various times during college)

Two thumbs up for smores!

Who needs a spoon to eat?

Yes, I went out in pubic like this. What was I thinking?

Funny story about this one, when I arrived at the Halloween party--people were like, "Who is that boy, and WHO invited him?"

Pretty Face

Yes, that is an orange ball sack that i had to take a picture with.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did you know?

Here is a list of a couple random things that you may not have known about me:
  • I am a netflix-junkie. Specifically, a Law & Order Addict. Last night I watched 4 episodes in a row of Law & Order. (Gotta love the instant watch section of Netflix!)
  • Most of the time I don't do wash until I run out of panties. (I'm trying to get better about this!) And i've always prided myself on the fact that, "Hey, at least I don't turn the panties inside out for another day's wear" Ha! (Kidding, that would be SO gross!)
  • I have to be chilly. Whenever I get hot, I feel like I am going to pass out. Literally..I see black spots. And at night in order just to go to sleep I have my ceiling fan, tower fan, and window AC unit running--all at full speed.
  • I like to think that i'm crafty and can make cute things, but let's face it...i'm not. I hope to be one day though!
  • Recently, I strive on being able to go home, close my door, and be by myself. I have taken a lot of time to myself for reading, long showers, and relaxation.
  • I have a milk phobia. I will stand at the milk section for at least 5 minutes trying to find the coldest and longest date until expiration. The day before the milk expires, I throw it out.
  • I can only use a bath towel once, after that I think it's gross until it gets washed again. (Even though it's drying off my clean body!)

I think this list could be endless, but I will stop with these. You may never check my blog again after finding out how weird I am about certain things! :)


Say hello to my new Apartment in Chester, VA (right outside of Richmond)
So excited. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Stuff

I have decided when I move to Richmond to buy a couple of new things, between the two I am going to spend about $2500 (taxes & S/H included in that), which judging from other sites, seems the most reasonable price for comparable furniture.

Living Room Set: Those couches look so comfy, don't they? The price for this, $1349, includees the SLEEPER sofa, Loveseat, Coffee Table, Two Side-Tables, and two Candlestick lamps. (The Sleeper sofa is great because I think we'll be getting a 1 bedroom, not 2--need somewhere for guests to sleep!)

Bedroom Suit: (all this in picture, plus a 6-drawer dresser)--$1,006...which I thought was a pretty good deal compared to other sites!

I am so excited to be able to get new, pretty things! These will be my first big (& not from Goodwill!) house-like purchases..My current house was completely furnished & I sold the stuff from my old house to be able to move up to DC.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Lately, I have been having quite a few days when I go home feeling exactly like this picture. Some of the things I have been stressing out about are completely out of my control. Why is it that we make ourselves responsible for things we cannot control?


Yay for Fridays! I will more than likely be absent from blogging this weekend because I am hopping on a train at 7pm to get to Richmond around 9 & see my Dave! He moved last weekend--and let me tell you, going from seeing someone EVERY day & night to not seeing them for a week, is hard stuff!...Something I will have to get used to (at least for a few months.) I have begun looking at jobs & apartments in Richmond. My wants are MUCH greater than his (he wants to be able to save tons of money with a smaller place---whereas I want a big place with a pool, a guest room, ample parking, and a nice view!) It may take me longer to find what I want because I would like to have at least the same salary I am making here, benefits and all. We'll see how things turn out :) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


(I remembered how much you absolutely LOVE this picture!)

In honor of Liz's 25th birthday! I wanted to write some reasons why I am honored to know her and call her a friend:
  • First and Foremost, she is an amazing friend.
  • Her photography skills are greater than she gives herself credit for. (Really, she's the best photographer ever!)
  • She always "tells me like it is" and that is much more valuable to me than telling me what I want to hear.
  • Her mind f l o w s with creativity & that inspires me.
  • We have a lot in common--so we always have something to talk about :0)
  • She sets a goal (triathlon) and reaches it!
  • We can sit with a cup of coffee & talk for hours.
  • When I need someone to talk to, I know I can count on her to hear me out.
  • Her & her husband are PERFECT for each other--and that is encouraging.
  • Her dream to be a mother--her children are going to be incrediably blessed!
  • We can be stupid together.. (like singing Carrie Underwood to the top of our lungs in my car!)
  • Her drive for an adventure & being content to move around a bit.
  • Her Love for God.
  • She has an eye for making people see themselves as beautiful & worthly..and that is one of the reasons she is an amazing photographer.
  • Lunch dates are always fun (even though I moved away!)
  • Knowing when to let go of certain situations/people to better herself & her life.
  • We both know what we want, and know how to get it (some would call like wanting to be in control? I just think things go easier when they're done my way)
  • She is an organizational junkie, like myself. (Even if most of the time things aren't organized as we'd like!)
  • She pushes herself to be healthy--biking, running, eating right..and that's a lesson I need to learn from her!
  • Her love for life
Happy Birthday Liz! You truly are an amazing friend & I can't wait until we live closer so I can see more of you! :) :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The family that _____ together, stays together.

My family has always been blessed to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back (even though they were not the latest fashions..I still shop at goodwill!), and food in our stomachs (even if we did not like what was being served, or we had leftovers for days--it was still food). I will repeat. We have been BLESSED. Even though I live away from my parents and family right now I still am blessed with an amazing job- money to pay rent and afford the new clothes anytime I want. In saying this, When I was walking home from work today this lady came up to me holding both her childrens hands..

"Excuse me Miss-- could you help us out? We're homeless, stay at the shelter & the church was closed today. I am just trying to get some money for everyone to eat."

I will be honest and say that my first thought was "heck no--i've seen this a million times" ..which I feel bad about, but lets be honest-- living in DC, if I gave money to EVERYONE that asked me for money--i'd be asking other people for money. Normally I don't carry cash around but today I remembered I had $5.00 so I took that out and handed it to her.

You know how you always think about "what you should have done" after it happens? Well, I wished I had stayed longer and not hurried home. I wish I had taken them to subway (okay maybe Burger King-even though it isn't healthy--the kids would have enjoyed it) and I should have bought the mother and her two children a meal. After all, if they really were homeless and hungry (if not, that is TERRIBLE of the mother to bring her children into her lies) I should have done more. I wished I had sat down to eat with them and presented the Gospel.

Those who know me, know that I don't go to church every Sunday, sometimes go a week or more without reading my Bible, but I do know who My God is and I should have shared it with them today. I guess I can only hope that someone else had the courage and mind to do what I didn't.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Around My Room

So, these are some pictures that I took today "around my room" The wood is not wood paneling (thank God!)--it is my wooden wardrobe. As you can see, I am a Photo-Fanatic..Living in DC I have a reaaaaaally tiny room, but it's okay because I have personalized it and made it my own. I didn't bring many things with me when I moved here because I knew it wasn't going to be a permanent housing arrangement.. (i'll save my housing arrangement for another day's blog) Anyways, here are some pictures from different areas of my room..
Note to self: The next two pictures are crooked, please fix asap. So this is something I bought yesterday at a local craft store. (Not the photo, I took that during the weekend with my sister) The green metallic background is just that, a metallic background for a scrapbook. I thought it was incrediably cute and had to snatch the stack. A great price item, $6.99 for 48 metallic sheets!
Another metallic background that I placed with a photo. (The photo wasd taken at the War Memorial)
One of my favorite recent purhases...a photo frame that holds 21 photos! I saw it at Burlington Coat Factory last week and it was love at first sight. Best part---it was only $20!! Such a steal! All of the photos in the frame were taken by me.
This was actually a decoration I bought for a party we had recently on the patio. I thought it was really cute and did not want to throw it in my closet so I decided to hang it on the wall and put pictures between the slits.
This is my favorite quote (which I actually have a tattoo of on my hip, in my own handwriting..really cool--Will post a picture of that later) Regina, my roomie, bought this for me because she knew how much I loved the quote.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


A friend & I visited this bookstore, Capitol Hill Books today after brunch. When you walked into this store there was this cute old man sitting there and explained where different sections of the store were located. There were books EVERYWHERE including a bookshelf in the bathroom, closet, and up the stairs! (which was a tight sqeeze) not like your typical bookstore! I was very suprised that the books were actually in groups for the non-fiction and sorted by the author for the fiction books. There were thousands of books in there, and at an amazing price because they are used books. I bought two for less than $15: "Five Things I Can't Live Without" By Holly Shumas --I have already started reading this one and it seems like a fun, light-hearted summer read...just what I was looking for. The other book, "Household Words" By Joan Silber I have not yet started but it also looked like an enjoyable read for summer tanning.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sites to See..

I love when people come to visit me. Except for one thing: They all want to see the same things! We must wander to the Capital, Washington Monument, War Memorials, the White House, Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials. By the end of the day I am so sore and promising myself I am going to tell people I moved....out west.

Here are just a few pictures that I took when my brother, John & his wife, Katie visited me a couple weekends ago:

#1- Coffee

I came across this website, "Stuff White People Like" and found it to be incredibly amusing. Their # 1 is coffee--which I do believe I agree with. I am such a Starbucks junkie that no matter whether I go in the morning or afternoon the baristas have my order ready before I order it. I wish I were kidding. Of course, I could make my coffee (and save money!) in my office, but I thoroughly enjoy the half-block walk from my office to the yummy treat. I also enjoy the baristas knowing who I am and how I like my order.
Click here for the full list of "Stuff White People Like"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Behind the Lens

A calm scene during a visit with my sister, Kirsten in May 2008.

I loved the Cherry Blossum season in DC. It was the first time I have seen them, and couldn't take enough pictures!

..One of the LARGEST Catholic Churches in America & what a beauty it was!

This is one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. This is Boo the Lion & the photo was taken at the Tri-State Zoo in Maryland in May 2008.