Thursday, March 3, 2011


14 weeks!
15 weeks!

I am 15+ weeks pregnant! I cannot believe we're almost halfway there! It still doesn't feel real yet, but I can put the fetal doppler on my belly and know that it's real. I am so excited to feel the baby move and to know what the gender is.

Speaking of feeling REAL, one thing that is VERY real is this lower back pain I am having.. OUCH! I had seen my obgyn for it twice and they referred me to a PT for pregnant women. I had my first appointment today and they found out that my hip is shifting out of place. She would correct it and within minutes it would shift again! For the next 8 weeks I will be wearing a belt & seeing her 2x/week and then it will go down to 1 visit/week for the remainder of the pregnancy. Today I got heat & massage therapy-- it was kind of nice! She also gave me some information to take home because David has to help me align the hip twice a day..