Friday, December 4, 2009

I want..

I want to run a marathon.
(This girl is a constant motivation for me!)

I love running. I love running more than any other physical activity because I get so bored with the others. With running, I don't have time to get bored. I've got the music blasting in my ears and the constant pain in my legs. Oh yes, there's a problem. I am constantly "running through the pain" but the problem is my legs give out waaaay before my head does. I thought it may be shin splints, but apparently after I saw a doctor I was told it's the muscle behind/beside the "shin." I've never had a problem with them before (I used to run Cross Country) and have only had a problem with them in the past couple of months.

Today, I had to stop after 2.80 miles. I couldn't even make it 3 miles. Once I got to the car I couldn't hold the tears back. It's frustrating.

Guess it's time to go see a specialist because I'm tired of running through the pain.


Sherrie said...

Hope you get the issue with your legs resolved. That stinks.

Heidi said...

have someone check your feet and the way you run - a doctor can do this or you can go to a running store. I had bad leg pain my first marathon then i got my feet checked and realized i was wearing the wrong type of sneakers and when i get bad leg pain now, i know it's time to get new sneakers :)

Good luck!

(ps got the pictures the other day and I LOOOVVEEE them! They are absolutely incredible, i can't wait to start posting the wedding recaps :D :D )

Jenny.Lee said...

I would def. have your shoes checked out. Good luck!

Abbi said...

i'm not a runner at all but i do wish i was! i think it would be great therapy!
you should really get your legs checked out or try a different shoe!!
good luck!

Selma said...

Oh no. I'm not a runner anymore, though used to (don't know why I stopped) and I loved the feeling. Maybe try a different shoe?! Or different route, that may change the whole running thing...who knows. Good luck though!!!!

Lindsey said...

I hear ya, I'm the same way with running! But you can do this!! Good luck!

Chic Runner said...

Hope you get it checked out and can be healthy and running again soon :)