Thursday, September 22, 2011

List of firsts

Dear Eli,
Our first month has come and gone and it took away some of our hardest and favorite moments so far. Every time I think that we are well into our second month of knowing you I have to blink away tears from my eyes. I want to remember your early days and I will treasure them forever. When you first arrived, I had to teach your daddy how to do everything (not that I knew everything, but I did have more experience growing up around littles!) but within a week he was a pro- and I believe he's better at calming you down than I am.

At your first doctor's visit you peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. Prior to this, your daddy & I were stressed because we were running late - we are much better now at allocating the appropriate amount of time to get somewhere. The poosplosion was JUST what we needed- and boy did we laugh! You melted away all of our stress that day.

That night, you got your first washcloth bath.. and you hated it. The next night we tried again and I held you and nursed you while Daddy wiped you down- you preferred this much better. During a late night diaper change you peed on me for the first time.

When you were 5 days old, Daddy fed you for the first time with a bottle I had pumped the day before. I know he had felt a little useless since I was providing you with all the nutrients you needed- so this was a special moment for the two of you. He really is the best daddy in the world.

When you were 6 days old you tooted' more than I thought a baby could. You also projectile vomited that day, and that scared me! Thankfully, Gammy was here and assured me that you were okay, and not to change you so quickly after a feeding. Your umbilical cord was holding on by a small string and fell off later that night. I remember crying quite a bit because you would be a week old the next day.

On your one week birthday you tried out your swing for the first time, but Daddy thought it was too fast so you were only allowed to sit there. He wants you to be safe, and I have a feeling he will always watch over you with as much care as he did with the swing! You started your "baby smiles" and they are the cutest thing ever..they go as quick as they come so I haven't gotten a picture yet. You were given the paci for the first time today and you LOVE it!

You make the cutest noises. You snort you're hungry, make a grunty noise when you need to be changed, and squeal like a pig when you cry.

On August 14th you were 9 days old and you had your first trip to Target! Unfortunately you will not remember it because you slept the entire time! You love your carseat. You sleep every time you get in it! We had been having a lot of trouble with breastfeeding at this point, but I remember on this day we had 3 good nursing sessions and that gave me a renewed sense of strength.

When you were 10 days old Daddy went back to work for a few days before taking the next week off. Gammy was still here during Daddy's first week back and loved being here with you.

At 12 days old you peed on yourself twice within one change and your Daddy said, "eventually he has to run out, right?" It was the funniest thing- but anything would have been- it was late and I was probably a little delirious!

At 13 days old we tried the k'tan wrap out for the first time and you LOVED it! It's continued to be one of your favorite places.

Then you hit two weeks old, and I cried again :) I will probably cry at every weekly/monthly birthday for a long long time! To celebrate two weeks you got to try out your new bathtub that MawMaw bought for you, but you weren't a fan. I watched you all by myself today while Daddy went shopping- I thought I would be a lot more nervous than I was!

The day before your due date (August 21) you laid under your play mat for a little while.. soon you will love doing that!

Your due date (August 22) was a happy day, I was so thankful you were out- pregnancy had been hard on your Mommy and I was thankful that you were here, safe, and healthy! You and Daddy took me out to lunch and then we went to Target where you had a MAJOR meltdown.. Daddy had to pick you up while I tried to push your stroller while carrying a few big items to check out. (Not sure what we were thinking with that.. Daddy should have pushed & carry..and I should have had YOU!)

Your one month checkup was on Sept 2, we learned that you were at the very low end of a normal weight gain, my supply was super low (more on that later) and we decided to go to formula. You also had had a rash that wouldn't go away no matter what we tried so your DR suggested we try cloth diapers. So that night, you wore your first cloth diaper and drank your first formula bottle.

I love you. I couldn't imagine having all of these "firsts" without anyone else. You are more special to me than you will ever know.

Our first meeting.

Our first morning

Our first family photo

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