Monday, November 10, 2008

Making some changes..

Since learning last week about how I now have to pay special attention to my cholesterol and do what I can to lower it.. I am determined that at my checkup 3 months from now to have a much better score. The doctors orders were to increase fiber, exercise more, and lower fat intake. In all honesty, those suggestions shouldn't be just for those needing to lower their cholesterol.

I never really thought twice about grabbing something from McDonald's, or plopping down in front of the TV instead of exercising. I am making the change. (ok, it isn't like I would eat McDonald's all the time either..but probably more than I should!! It's SOO good though!!)

Meet the new additions to our home:
I am sure you are thinking "Oh Gross!!" BUT.. all of these things in the picture are actually realllllly good. The first time I had the pancakes I didn't LOVE them, but that's because I was worried about what the fiber would do and I was convinced I could taste a huge difference. The truth is, you can't taste a difference and the added fiber didn't seem to change anything. In fact, the pop tarts actually taste better than the regular cinammon ones, you can actually taste the cinammon more with the Fiber One brand. I really think you should look into this!

Tips for Adding Fiber in your Diet:
Scan for Bran
Look for “bran,” “whole grain” and “whole wheat” on product packages and ingredient labels. These ingredients can help boost fiber intake.
Grab the Whole Food
Munch on a whole piece of fruit, in place of drinking a glass of juice. You’ll get the nutrients and the fiber too.
Savor the Skins
Eat fruit and vegetables with the skin on. Eating the skin helps to bump up the fiber, plus it provides texture and a bonus of other nutrients.
Screen for Beans
Replace your typical side dishes with high-fiber dried peas and beans, such as kidney, pinto, lentils or black-eyed peas. These fiber-packed legumes make it easier to meet daily fiber goals. Go Nuts
Jazz up salads, vegetables, snacks and desserts with almonds, sunflower seeds or soy nuts. Nuts and seeds add fiber and fun-to-chew crunch to foods.
Be Berry Wild
Choose raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries to add variety to your cereals. These berries have twice the fiber of many other fruit selections.
Bring on the Brown
Use brown rice instead of white. Switch to whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat flour whole-wheat breads and whole-grain crackers instead of regular white versions.
Skip the Chips
Select snacks that are a good source of fiber. Instead of potato chips, go for low-fat popcorn, whole-grain pretzels or oven-crisped whole-wheat pita triangles.
Drink Up
Water is a healthy beverage choice—especially as you up the fiber. Your body needs more water to help process the added fiber you eat.


Melissa Ellen Hughes Parker said...

I didn't know they had Fiber 1 Pancakes - that's awesome! I started a diet about 2 weeks ago (I put on weight while Chris was deployed and never lost it - and finally got fed up) part of my diet is paying a lot of attention to Fiber - and I really enjoy eating healthy! I'm down some pounds and find that I'm eating more throughout the day - its amazing! I still have a ways to go til I'm back in my normal shape - but I feel happy about my progress.

I know you will make a lot of progress too. You are already fit and small - so eating healthy will only help your body even more!

McDonald's is sooo good - and I don't care who knocks it. It is good!

You go girl!

Jennifer said...

Way to go with all the changes. I've recently been adding more protein to my diet and you never really know how much carby stuff you eat until you can't eat as much anymore! My husband has high cholesterol too - thanks for the tips!

Weeksie50 said...

The Fiberone Granola type bars are way good too...I love them... but I would advise to only eat half until you know what it will do to you... they can cause..gas...lots of it..but they are yummy.

Lump said...

well hey, if it doesn't lower your cholesterol, at least it will help keep you regular. ;)

I'm all about whole wheat everything, sandwich bread, hotdog and hamburger buns, even tortillas.

Lindsey said...

Great tips! I think I'm going to be buying those fiber pancakes!

New Girl on Post said...

I actually like the fiber stuff. I used to eat the FiberOne bars and found them to be delish!

Mrs. Buck said...

I'm defs on a hunt for those Fiber 1 pancakes at my grocery store tonight. I've got a fellow WW friend coming into town this weekend and these would be perfect for breakfast. My husband and I made a pact last night to get healthy again (the weight has slowly come on since our wedding 4.5 months ago). Looking forward to following along with you and your healthy changes!

Lo said...

oh yikes! i'm so sorry that your cholesterol was high. that IS scary. i've been there. this was about six years ago and i was having heart issues- i'm fine, it's just a lazy valve, but at the time i got put on a heart monitor. my cholesterol was super duper high... especially for a girl who was my size and age. i stopped eating fast food completely, stuck to 2,000/calories a day and exercised. i haven't had high cholesterol since then and i eat normally now.

it's always a good idea to get healthy tho. so good for you! and i hope it gets low!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

we're BIG on whole grain foods...
really... i couldn't agree more... there is VERY little difference in taste!

you go girl... you'll get it lowered in no time!

Shea said...

I love the Fiber One stuff! I eat it all the time.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I will be trying the pancake mix.

Still waiting for your address so I can send you the gift card.

Kat said...

And start running! It is a miracle cure for so many things, I swear!

Good for you for taking this so seriously. :)

"J" said...

The fiber bars ROCK!!! Have you tried them?!?

I was thinking about starting back up at Weight Watchers! I love the program...I just haven't followed it in years!!! At one time I lost like 40 pounds on weight watchers!!! I've gained it all back!!!! Boooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Good Luck with your change missy!!!!

Kristina P. said...

I'll have to try these. I'm glad they don't taste like cardboard.

Mrs.D said...

Fiber is our friend. and it DOESN'T all taste bad. I think high fiber cereals are delish. I hope you hit your target number.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Fiber one pancakes?? I had no idea! Good luck with lowering your cholesterol! Maegan said...

nice tips! I'm sure yours will be lower next time you get it checked!

Courtney said...

Watch out for the farting :) Yeah for fiber!

Inspired Kara said...

Man I love some Fiber One stuff! Especially the cereal!!

My home - My life said...

OK so I commented last night about this and it didn't go through - ugh!

Good for you! Hope you can eat better and get healthy. I think it takes a lot of will to do it but I am sure it can be done. Little changes like you are making can make such a difference.

PS - get a Yorkie - they are the best and will just steal your heart!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Megan ~ oh no...Glenn's cholesterol is really high too. I know he won't eat that stuff either! And he's even on medicine to lower it...yikes!


Liz said...

Ahhh yes. I'm very familiar with fiber. I keep metamucil bars in the house since the great gallbladder exodus. Apparently, when you lose your gallbladder you need tons more fiber, to, um, process food.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I'm on the fiber bandwagon too. :)

Rachel said...

those Fiber One bars Rock...those are my fave!

Mommy Bee said...

Metamucel (or the store brand) is not a lot of fun to take straight (although the orange flavor isn't bad if you chug it fast), but I like to put a little of the original/unflavored in other things...sprinkle some in with your cream of wheat, or into your smoothie, or yes, even brownies. You won't taste it, you WILL get the benefits. :)