Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Couch + Baby = Awesome

A few weeks ago my brother, sister in law & niece came in for a visit! They were here for almost two weeks and I was happy I had no weddings the weekend they were in so I could go to my parents house & visit. Thankfully my parents only live an hour and forty-five minutes away although I do not make the trip nearly as much as I should.

Before I left on Sunday afternoon I spent a few minutes with them for a little "mini" session! And the super cute little couch? Free! I. Love. It. I may have to get a bigger car now because it will not fit in my Mazda.. :-)

Today is Abbi's half-birthday..happy 6 months sweet baby!


Mrs. S. said...

What a cute baby! I love the couch photos!

Gwen said...

She is adorable in her pink tutu and the sofa is such a good idea!!! Very creative. You are so talented!!! XOXO

Madison said...

Oh, she is too cute!