Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naked (not me!)

David & I went to the mall recently to get my bracelet (that he bought for our anniversary!) resized. While we were there I stumbled over to the Sephora store, where I always look but hardly ever purchase anything (and instead rack up a TON of Covergirl/Avon/Mary Kay-type makeup that I don't use all of before I purchase something else! Good thinking, I know!) I was on the path of needing an intervention, especially with eye shadow..until I found this:
Now I can throw out ALL my other eye shadow products! I wish they had a better name for it, but it does catch your eye. The set is $44 in store (and apparently goes VERY quickly when in stock, there were only 2 left, and retails for $90 online--ebay/amazon-type of sites) This is by far the BEST eye shadow i've ever come across. All the colors look amazing and that little bottle of eyeshadow primer "potion" is sent from Heaven. The shadow stays on all day and looks fabulous! I am refraining from going back and checking out other Urban Decay products!
(not paid for this post in any way- although I wish I had been to save myself $44!)

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Windy City Kelley's said...

I love Urban Decay! Just be careful not to get the potion on your eyelashes, it's a pain to get off.