Friday, December 24, 2010

"Before" Picture

Tomorrow is Christmas.
It's the day we were supposed to give our families the greatest of our pregnancy!
However, 15 minutes after we found out we were in the car headed to my inlaws to share the news and then called my parents when we got back home.
I am 5 (and a half!) weeks pregnant..the "picture" is more of a i'llneverseeyouagainsoIwantedtorememberyou type because lets face it, I will never look the same. I have to be honest- I am still getting used to that fact.

We are still very early in the pregnancy and are praying hard.

I got all of my test results back from the "first trimester screening" and was they all look good. My beta level on Friday was 375 and went to 1292 on Monday. So my levels doubled in 1.68 days :)

There are 241 days before my due date
9% of my pregnancy has passed, there is 91% left to go.
I will be out of the first trimester on Valentine's Day :)

(All of the %s make me seem very smart..thank you calculator! I cannot do any math in my head!)

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Abbi said... will look adorable preggers. and you will have your body back!!