Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since work banned Facebook (yes, I know, I'm still recovering) I have had to find other things to fill my day with. I used to work 8 hours straight but quickly realized there was no fun in that. 5 minute "sanity breaks" here and there are heaven's gift to the work day.

Of course a lot of my breaks are spent checking babycenter.com and I really need to stay off of those boards.. those women will scare you into thinking you're pregnant with Satan! Twitter is also nice, but it just doesn't compare to Facebook! I have found this website though that is pretty darn lovely....

Within Pinterest you are able to "pin" different items do boards you categorize. It allows you to create your own dream land of pretty things.. I have cateogories for the future house, ideas for baby, portraits I adore, and many more! (The link above takes you to MY pinterest!)

Here are a few of my favorite things from my "home" cateogory!

Clearly, I am obsessed with grey and white! It's just so clean and fresh! I even used it when I rebranded my business I went with those colors and a pop of a yellow tone! Unfortunately a lot of other people are starting to love grey & yellow too..but hopefully they'll be on to something new soon! :)


Gwen said...

Such a neat idea. I'm going to have to check this out. Especially since there are only so many blog posts you can write in advance. :D XOXO

Abbi said...

neat idea.
i love that rug. sooo cute!!

Mamarazzi said...

great picks...i need to check that site out!