Sunday, January 2, 2011

6 weeks behind us!

6 weeks behind us in our pregnancy.. it's still so early on! The time has passed quickly and I'm hoping it continues to do so for the next few weeks!

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant! I believe we will share the good news around 8 weeks. I cannot wait for everyone to find out..and finally be able to "publish" these blog posts! At our first ultrasound we were told baby is 4mm in length, this week baby will grow to almost 13mm! (Think of a large blueberry!) It is so strange to think that something started between David & I is now the size of a large blueberry and will eventually weigh about 6 pounds before we get to meet him/her!

This week, our baby's mouth & tongue are forming! The eyes have a retina & lens and the major muscle systems are continuing to develop. This is a big week for baby as he/she will begin to produce their own blood. Baby is also swimming around her home!

Baby is making me very sick, but I keep reminding myself it will not last forever! It's strange to think that something I cannot even see is causing so much sickness. (And the boobs..ohhh the poor sore boobs!)

I am a natural side sleeper although every night I have woken up to find myself sleeping on my back! I have never been a back sleeper and this little habit needs to quit before the 2nd trimester!

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