Friday, May 27, 2011

Bright & Bold

We've been "in" our new house for about a month.. and like everything else, it's flown by! Now that we're more settled we can now focus on Eli's room! I am so excited to get things ready for him. I have always been drawn to the clean and crisp look -- I love decorating with WHITE! I thought that I would decorate his room the same way-- mainly white with just a few pops of color here & there...but then I came across this fabric that took my breath away and completely changed my mind:

(It's Alexander Henry's 2d Zoo in blue!)

I just love the bright & bold colors this fabric has. My SIL and her mother are going to make curtains, a pillow for the nursing chair, burp cloths, and a large blanket out of this fabric. I am debating whether to purchase one crib sheet using this fabric or going a bit more low key on the bedding. In this fabric I am also purchasing a shopping cart & car seat cover.

The nursery walls will be white with one blue accent wall (I'm thinking the color of the rhino!) and have been debating whether or not to paint one line of the greenish design on that wall- just in a brighter green.

I know a lady that does a great job painting, so I am going to have her put animals on separate large canvases for wall art. I'm thinking the turtle, elephant & giraffe.

His room will have a crib, dresser, bookcase, nursing chair & small table.

We only have 12 weeks left so it's time to get moving on all of these ideas swirling around in my head!

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ae said...

Love that fabric!