Friday, July 15, 2011


1. I have never seen ANY of the Harry Potter movies.
2. I just watched the available Twilight movies two months ago, and I'm excited to see the final one!
3. I don't love my pregnant body, but I did before I got stretch marks.
4. I wish I had a better sense of fashion- I want to work on my wardrobe this year.
5. I have always wanted to be a Teacher, but got a business degree instead. Part of me wishes I went with teaching, but I do love being a photographer.


Michelle said...

I'm working on my teaching degree right now...11 years after I graduated with a BA in Geography! ;) It's never too late. Perhaps, one day, you could teach photography!!

And, I still love you even though you've never seen a Harry Potter movie. I've never seen or read anything Twilight related. ;)

Selma *Crazy Little World Of Mine* said...

Finally, I am not so alone with the Harry Potter drama. ;) I have seen a few of the movies, maybe two?! I don't eve know and care. ;)

And it is never too late to go for what you want. Even with a baby on the way. ;)