Monday, May 11, 2009

Random List of Things..

  • Driving from my BIL's house yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day with my MIL, we stopped where this man was selling watermelon on the side of the road. I love this area, you just can't do that in DC. Boy is it good. We filled up every single Glad tupperwear container in sight and i'm just hoping we can eat all of it before it goes bad. Needless to say, I don't think i'll be buying any other fruit this week!
  • The weather on Saturday was great, although it was a little windy! I blogged about it. I'm so thankful it didn't rain. I had heard of people praying to hold off the rain even though I think there are greater things to go to the Lord for...but as I was making the hour & half drive I spent a lot of time in prayer.. prayer for the ceremony, the weather (yes, I did pray for no rain!), for their marriage, for my was nice to spend that time in prayer. I also had to sing my heart out because although I LOVE driving it sometimes gets a little lonely.
  • Sometimes when I sing (especially trying to keep up with Carrie Underwood) I accidentally gag myself. Not.Pretty
  • Two new classes start today, an upper level business & a psycology..both subjects I love. I'm hoping for 2-A's!
  • My church and it's ladies are throwing David & I a "reception" this Saturday--did I mention that? I will be sure to take pictures & share sometime next week! I have been a member of this church since I was 2, and even now haven't switched memberships.
  • David & I have a habit of taking the other persons ring if we notice them on the counter. He always comes in and takes mine while i'm in the shower or putting on make-up and I ALWAYS know where they are so he doesn't get too far without hearing, "give me back my rings!!" This morning David calls me and says that he looked all around for his ring this morning, checked the cars and everything and couldn't find it. I tucked it into my pocket last night and forgot all about it..Poor guy almost late for work looking for the symbol of our commitment! hehehe...
Now it's YOUR turn to tell me something random!


Michele said...

Awwww, you guys are so cute! I sing to Carrie Underwood too...and really loud if I'm in the car by myself! She has the most awesome voice!


Jon and Steph said...

I prayed for no rain on my wedding day too. It rained the day before and the day after, but there was no rain the day of our wedding! God is good!

That's so nice that your church is throwing you a reception! How fun. I can't wait to see your pictures.

Kristina P. said...

That's so sweet about the reception!

And how exactly do you gag yourself when you sing?

Lindsey said...

How sweet of your church to do that!!! Have a blast and I can't wait to see pics!

Brett Alexandra said...

Oooo, I loved my psych classes! They are so interesting.

Aw, that is so sweet that your church is throwing you a reception. Take pics!!


The Pink Potpourri said...

fun list! my random thought...i wonder if it is goin to rain at 5 pm. its blue skies one second and grey the next. fez really wants to go run with his doggie friends. what should i plan to do? :) that's my thought.

Sunshinemeg said...

That is funny about you guys taking each other's rings. I always leave mine in one place, but always find them in another. Hmm..someone must be moving mine as well.

"J" said...

Hey girlie...
I've missed you! I've been so bad at the blog thing! =(

Just wanted to drop in and say hi!!!!