Friday, May 29, 2009

Help Needed

My baby sister is turning 15!
Not such a "baby" right? I remember one year of college she came to visit and people treated me like I was visiting her. Ridiculous!

On to my "help needed" ad. I want to throw Sarah a party..but what kind? I want it to be fabulous, but certainly not breaking the bank! Here's where you come in--I need ideas!! Get your creative juices flowing for a minute. Here's the hard part- They live in the middle of no where. There are NO stoplights in the county and the nearest movie theater is an hour away.

There will be boys & girls attending this shin-dig..but they're all good kids.

Ideas? Please?


The Panic Room said...

you mean ideas besides buying them beer? I am always a fan of a good old fashioned photo scavenger hunt. Divide up the guests into teams. Come up with hilarious stuff to capture, and set up the boundaries in the safe vicinity of the town, set a time limit, and let them all go wild.

This is always fun.

I host a huge photo scavenger hunt in downtown Orlando once a year called "Photo Royale" and it is always the best time ever.

good luck.

Employee No. 3699 said...

How 'bout a big old fashioned picnic? You don't have to worry about having enough tables and chairs, just put blankets on the ground. The food could be simple and not too expensive. They could play games (i.e. potato sack races, bean bags, etc.).

Just a thought.

Stacey said...

Bigger, Better, Best. Divide into two or more teams and start out with something simple like a safety pin or a penny. Have them go to neighborhood houses asking for something "bigger or better". Set a time limit, they can visit as many houses as they wish, as long as they return by said time. The winner is the team with the "best" item, chosen by group consensus.

Abbi said...

she's so pretty and looks much older! great pic!

writing4612 said...

She's beautiful.

What about building a fire to roast marshmellows or s'mores? Hang some colorful laterns(I've seen some at Wal-Mart) and crank up the tunes?

Try decorating the tables with her favorite colors, and maybe some bracelets for napkin rings(If that's the route you want to go).

If it's hot, set up and ice cream sundae bar. Buy two or three ice cream flavors and put out lots of toppings in bowls like M n M's, pretzels, chocolate chips, crushed oreos, twizzlers, or sweet and sour straws.

I also like the Bigger, Better, Best idea.

writing4612 said...

I forgot to say the ice cream sundae bar is a good idea because everyone can make their own. If you buy the cheaper ice cream in buckets(with handles) from Wal-Mart, it would be pretty cost effective. This would allow you to spend a little more on the toppings.

Patti said...

How about "giving their time" to the community in "honor" of your sister...they can volunteer to clean up an area, read to Sr Citizens, paint a worn building or home, etc....then return for a cake and ice cream celebration

Lindsey said...

Aww she is so pretty!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

your sis is beautiful...just like you! creative juices are not flowing at the moment, but like another reader said, a bonfire might be a great idea.

Lis said...

I wish I had some great ideas for you but I def. don't. I do think just a great BBQ or Employee's idea about a picnic would be super cute and fun for kids.

15 is such a hard in between age - you are so sweet for coordinating this for her!

just a girl... said...

I vote for a keg and a slip and slide. Ha cracking myself up.

Why dont you get cheap christmas lights. a few tables and chairs and make it a very cool outside party for both boys and girls. Keep it simple order pizza and cokes and spend your money on a good DJ. the christmas fairy light setup the girls will love.