Friday, May 29, 2009

Help Needed

My baby sister is turning 15!
Not such a "baby" right? I remember one year of college she came to visit and people treated me like I was visiting her. Ridiculous!

On to my "help needed" ad. I want to throw Sarah a party..but what kind? I want it to be fabulous, but certainly not breaking the bank! Here's where you come in--I need ideas!! Get your creative juices flowing for a minute. Here's the hard part- They live in the middle of no where. There are NO stoplights in the county and the nearest movie theater is an hour away.

There will be boys & girls attending this shin-dig..but they're all good kids.

Ideas? Please?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Time..

  • When people ask me how tall I am I say, "not very." It usually makes people laugh. That being said, it shouldn't be said when the gyno is performing his exam. Next time-- just answer 5"0.
  • I've reached my fat limit. As a 5"0 girl, extra weight is not flattering. I know that 110 pounds would be ideal for most people, but not for me--it carries right on my stomach. 10 pounds needs to come off! I am not a "sweets" eater-I would probably pick chips over chocolate any day. I crave salty/fried goodness. Except it isn't "good" for me. Although I normally run a few times a week, I had to take a few weeks off due to shin splints. The last time I did the Shred I got way too over heated and got sick. I haven't done it since (about 2 weeks. BAD. Megan!) - next time-- don't eat tortilla chips & sour cream for dipping right before.((I am not looking for a "you shouldn't complain about being 110 pounds" or "you're so skinny!" type of comment. I know what weight looks good on me and what doesn't. The end.))
  • I shot two newborn sessions for Memorial Day and they can be previewed here. I drove 2 hours to my parents house for the first, then drove another hour to the second shoot and two hours back home. next time-- I won't shoot two newborns in two different locations in one day.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Discount Mags is having some ahhhhhmazing deals on magazines for this weekend.
Available magazines (prices are for 1-year subscription, multiple years can be purchased at once):
  • ESPN Magazine (26 issues) $3.50 with coupon 1629
  • Fitness (11 issues) $3.50 with coupon 2481
  • OK! Magazine (52 issues) $6 with coupon 8172
  • Runner's World (12 issues) $6 with coupon 6212
(type in the "coupon" in the checkout area)

I bought a year's subscription of Runner's World & Fitness magazine for under $10. So. Fun.


Wendy's has a BOGO frosty coupon
that is valid on Coffee Toffee or Frosty Cino through June 7, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toes in the sand..

We're going to the beach in July and I cannot wait! I haven't been to the beach in the summer in about 5 years, because I was always working and taking classes in the summer of college.. why do I feel like we're sneaking around by going? We're adults, and let's not forget married, but I still feel like I am sneaking off with my boyfriend. (I did go to the beach with dear friends liz & tommy, but it was never in the summer so we couldn't lay out)

I had hoped that we would celebrate our first anniversary in August by going on our overdue honeymoon, but with David continually taking classes for his masters it wouldn't work right now (thank you U.S. Govt for paying for his masters..and thank you instructional design master program that requires an adobe suite which his work is ALSO paying for..meaning Mama's getting the latest photoshop & indesign along with others!) I currently use Photoshop Elements, so I am excited to learn the full program. And by "learn the full program" I mean being completely lost but hoping for the best!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do's & Please don't ever do that again.

Do.. go to the gym
Don't.. go to the gym if you have gas. When I walked in & got smacked in the face with a smell that not even your mother would love, it was really hard for me to exercise. How I didn't just walk out is a mystery- honestly, I didn't want to hurt your feelings. At the time you "let it out" you were the only one in there, but then I came, and I knew you were slightly embarrassed by the look on your face when I walked in so I just hopped on the treadmill hoping the stench would pass quickly. I honestly thought I was going to pass out due to the lack of oxygen because I was trying not to breathe. I thought the smell would go away, but no, it wasn't a one time thing with you- You kept passing gas! (I never say the F word-it's just gross).

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Love <3 <3

My sister came down this past Wednesday and left yesterday. A lot of time was spend finding the "perfect poses" for our portraits. She does not have her own photography business, but after seeing the reactions of these portraits I think it will push her into it! :-) I have so many "favorites" and besides the one you saw in the last post here are some others:

once a photographer, always a photographer

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our wedding portraits

My sister, who will be joining me as an assistant shooter for weddings when contracted, took our wedding portraits today. It was perfect, minus the bruised lung I have (that's a post for another day) I am going to blog about this later but wanted to share a lovely picture from today..


Monday, May 11, 2009

Random List of Things..

  • Driving from my BIL's house yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day with my MIL, we stopped where this man was selling watermelon on the side of the road. I love this area, you just can't do that in DC. Boy is it good. We filled up every single Glad tupperwear container in sight and i'm just hoping we can eat all of it before it goes bad. Needless to say, I don't think i'll be buying any other fruit this week!
  • The weather on Saturday was great, although it was a little windy! I blogged about it. I'm so thankful it didn't rain. I had heard of people praying to hold off the rain even though I think there are greater things to go to the Lord for...but as I was making the hour & half drive I spent a lot of time in prayer.. prayer for the ceremony, the weather (yes, I did pray for no rain!), for their marriage, for my was nice to spend that time in prayer. I also had to sing my heart out because although I LOVE driving it sometimes gets a little lonely.
  • Sometimes when I sing (especially trying to keep up with Carrie Underwood) I accidentally gag myself. Not.Pretty
  • Two new classes start today, an upper level business & a psycology..both subjects I love. I'm hoping for 2-A's!
  • My church and it's ladies are throwing David & I a "reception" this Saturday--did I mention that? I will be sure to take pictures & share sometime next week! I have been a member of this church since I was 2, and even now haven't switched memberships.
  • David & I have a habit of taking the other persons ring if we notice them on the counter. He always comes in and takes mine while i'm in the shower or putting on make-up and I ALWAYS know where they are so he doesn't get too far without hearing, "give me back my rings!!" This morning David calls me and says that he looked all around for his ring this morning, checked the cars and everything and couldn't find it. I tucked it into my pocket last night and forgot all about it..Poor guy almost late for work looking for the symbol of our commitment! hehehe...
Now it's YOUR turn to tell me something random!

Friday, May 8, 2009


My facebook status this afternoon was:
[megan] Has to finish a paper (4 pages left), take a final & submit 3 discussion boards before midnight... -nervous laugh-

If I decided to update my status it would now say:

In 4 hours I took a 2 hour test (seriously, after the first hour my brain is fried-why do you do this teachers?), wrote 4 pages to make 12, and completed 3 (LONG!) discussion boards. whew, what a sigh of relief! I have a few classes this summer and I will be done with my undergrand. I could have walked in graduation [which is tomorrow] but I didn't feel like it. Last year Chuck Norris was our speaker, this year, it's Ben Stein. Liberty should have canceled all graduation speakers after Chuck Norris-- I mean how can you compete with that?!? Unless I were to speak of course :-)

The President [of my company] called two days ago and has enough money for me to have 2 more paychecks! He said within 10 days he'll know if I can stay longer! That is such great news because I am going to put those extra checks into savings for a rainy day. It will postpone my "full-time" photographer status for a little bit, but that is okay! I have a lot of weddings this summer to keep me busy.

Kicking off the wedding season is a wedding tomorrow at a lovely vineyard [oh so yummy], please send good vibes to keep the rain away--it's supposed to be 90 degrees and have bad storms.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Updates

  • Now that I officially have a photography blog, I will not have to bore you with my photoshoots on here! I need to switch it over from being .squarespace to just my own, but I haven't done that yet. I found the website last night and had it up & running today, it was THAT user friendly. I'm looking forward to perfecting it, but for now it makes me smile.
  • I may get the chance to work for an AMAZING photographer in the Richmond area. {Wondering why I would work for someone if I already have my own business?} It will be such an experience and I would be able to learn so much {so much that I NEED to learn}. Plus it seems that i'll have a lot of free time on my hands so doing a little extra sidework will be nice.
  • Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping at night..last night I stayed up until's already 1AM and i'm not even sleepy--I think it may be another late night.
  • David & I have been making fun of each other all day {in a loving way}, and it feels like a middle school romance <3>

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm the lucky one...

...due to the lovely anonymous commenter (coward, what?) on my last post-
I wanted to write a post on reasons why my life is so fabulous:

  • God. He is so amazing and I can definitely see where his hand has guided me in my life.

  • David. When I was younger & I would come up with "lists" of what I wanted my husband to be, David met every single one of those characteristics. The "boyfriend" I had before David was the complete opposite in every single one of the areas that I wrote on my list but I hung on because I felt like that was the direction my life was supposed to go (after all, I met him in college, Liberty is close to my hometown, etc.) I am so glad that I finally got fed up and picked up and moved to DC, knowing that he would realize what I meant to him. Well, finally, he did, and he even came up to DC proclaiming through tears over dinner that he knew I was the one and he wanted to take me "home" that day. I already had my eyes on David, and felt relieved when I sent ex home and called David to come pick me up so we could hang out. David is my best friend, soul mate, lover, father to our future children, secret keeper, confidant, supporter, biggest fan, and so much more.

  • Family. My mom is truly my best friend. It was not until I was 15 and in and out of the hospital that I realized just how important she was and how sorry I felt for treating her so badly for so many years. Some of you that have read my blog for a while know of my plans to stuff her when she dies. We'll just leave it at that. I have also been blessed with a wonderful set of in-laws and the best sisters & brother anyone could ask for.

  • Job. I know, I know. You all are thinking "What Job? You're about to lose it!" I am not afraid when I think about how I have about two weeks at my job. Photography is going so well, and I cannot wait until I can venture out during the day and let people know who I am. There will be a slight change from the pay check I am used to receiving, but it will not be that bad. I am thankful that if worse comes to worse, David's salary can support us. Plus he says if I get a job at Subway then we won't have to worry about making dinner. Such a funny guy he is, I want to throw a shoe at him when he says that.

Speaking of photography, I am now offering custom announcements.. This is just the design I don't have the hard copy yet (I changed the name).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"My loss your gain"

While browsing my local craigslist
I came across some very interesting pieces
and thought I would share.
No need to thank me,
it's my gift to you.

"Stylish airport chairs in great condition, hardly used. Great for studio or loft seating"
..they honestly look like they have never been used! For $150 they can be yours!
While I do see potential for an artsy studio or loft apartment, $150!?!?!

The issue with this is not the $50 price tag, although I would even dispute that, the problem arises when I can't even clearly see the desk. By looking in the mirror the picture is obviously from a phone, and I don't have a problem with that! Lady, here is a tip I learned and will graciously share with you.. clean up the area around whatever object you are selling. [how do people live in that much clutter?]

Oh John Wayne. If only I had the $250 your owner wants I would snatch you up quicker than grits! What is it about you that won't get out of my head?

I would buy this $20 mirror and throw in a cheeseburger so that lady can eat! Perhaps some pants too because those are some awfully weird places for tattoos.

[P.S. This post is obviously a light-hearted post. Do not take it seriously. Do not track the subjects down and feed or clean for them! (i'm even joking with this sentence!) To the anonymous commenter who obviously loves my blog enough to come back- thank you. I decided to write another post tomorrow describing just how fabulous my life is! Thanks for the great idea]