Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Tour

Yesterday I got another tour of the Labor & Delivery unit of the hospital. My body decided it did not like the Procardia anymore and contractions got wild and I started dilating. My little man is very anxious to meet his Mommy & Daddy! Thankfully we were able to get everything under control and I got a new and stronger medicine (Terbutaline Sulfate) that seems to REALLY be working. I am honestly shocked at how well it's working. There's only ONE issue with the medicine..
I honestly feel like I'm on crack. Not that I have ever experienced that, but I would imagine it would feel something like this. I haven't had caffeine in over a year, and I feel like I have chugged a pot of coffee- I cannot focus very well and I literally SHAKE! It's wild. But it's working- and I am confident it will help to keep Eli inside :)

I am now officially on full bed rest- The ONLY time I can get up is to use the restroom and have a quick shower once a day. I am also able to get some water and grab something to eat. I never realized how much I would enjoy a 10 ft walk :) David is the best husband and he brought our mattress down (his idea!) to the living room so I didn't have to go up & down the stairs, because I would have had to strategically plan my trips so I wasn't going up/down too much. So we're "camping out" on the living room floor - it's kind of fun!

Through this whole preterm labor scare- I have not been nervous or anxious.. I know who is in control and that He knows the outcome of all of this. The entire pregnancy has been unreal to me. All of it has been in God's hands. He chose to bless David & I very quickly with this pregnancy and He has kept my little man going strong.


Lindsey said...

Love that verse! It's a good reminder that I needed to hear. Thanks for this post.

Windy City Kelley's said...

Just think of it as time to relax and catch up on your reading before the baby comes (because you won't have much time once he does arrive). :)