Thursday, June 2, 2011

List of things.

Things people don't tell you about pregnancy..

1. The cute little flutters that you feel in your stomach when you first feel baby move will after a few weeks start HURTING. Especially when you get a good kick to the rib or a punch to the bladder.

2. When you've been hit hard in the bladder/cervix-- it may or may not feel like you just took a knife to the vajayjay. This can cause old men to freak out in Food Lion when it hits you for the first time and you almost double over. Try explaining a knife to the lower regions feeling to grandpa..Actually don't - I think it's best to just let them believe you're going into labor.

3. As much as you pride yourself on not gassin' it up around your husband.. it will eventually happen. Let's just hope yours doesn't shoot out of you by accident & scare your significant other to the point where they jump off the couch during a movie. Not that that has happened, I'm just sayin' ;)

4. A phrase you will hear from other people a lot is "sleep while you can" - but it really should just apply to the 1st & 2nd trimesters. Getting good sleep in the 3rd trimester sleep has not been easy.

5. Putting on panties is exercise. You can't imagine how hard it is to get the feet through those tiny holes! I feel like I should win an award each time I do it.

6. Water & rest are the cure for almost every problem in pregnancy.

7. You may have your fingers crossed for one sex over the other- but when you actually find out what you're having and he/she gets a name.. you couldn't imagine having the other gender.

8. No matter how long you were sick (20 weeks of MS for me!) or how much pain you're in (hello dislocated SI joint and seeing a PT twice a week!)'s worth it. Totally worth it.

..what am I missing?


Gwen said...

Ha! Sleep is definitely precious!!! Those pains are horrible and you are definitely correct...could never imagine what my life would be like if Ellie were a boy. You are such an adorable mommy to be. :D

Lindsey said...

Aw poor thing, I hope that pain stops. But you are so right, it will be worth! You are the cutest momma-to-be!!