Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 32 { Highlights!

Eli is the size of a sack of potatoes
and will weigh around 4 pounds at the end of this week!

How far along?
I am 32 weeks & 2 days. Only 12 days until the goal date of hitting 34 weeks! So far, the medicine is still working and Eli is holding strong.

Total weight gain/loss:
I haven't been allowed to climb the stairs where my scale is since I got home from the hospital, but before I went in we were at about a 20 pound gain.

Maternity clothes?
Yes and no. Pants for sure, but I wear regular skirts (most of mine have a stretchy feel to them though!) Sometimes I wear maternity shirts, but it's not mandatory.

Stretch marks?
Unfortunately yes..arrived last week. They're not terrible though..yet :) They are mainly on my lower right side- where he always lays.

I don't have too much trouble sleeping..I do wake up a lot to pee though! David brought the mattress downstairs since I shouldn't be going up and down the stairs and we've been "camping" out in the living room.

Best moment of the week:
Not having to stay at the hospital overnight! They just put me on new medicine, it worked miracles and we were released that evening!

Worst moment this week:
Bedrest in general isn't that fun. However, worrying over a child in the NICU would be worse- so bedrest when he's inside of me growing isn't that bad.

I'm not sure when this little guy sleeps! He is a mover for SURE! I don't mind it though, makes me not have to worry.

Food cravings:
I haven't had ANY all! Ever! I keep waiting for some!


Labor Signs:
Contractions- but I have had them since 29 weeks when I went to the hospital trying to prevent preterm labor.

Belly Button: In or Out?
So this is strange..but it's even with my belly-- before I was an innie, and now.. it's just- strange ;)

Wedding rings on or off?
I took them off because I didn't know how much fluid i'd be getting at the hospital- last time I was there I gained 6lbs in 1 day. They're the forbidden land- so I haven't put them back on yet, but I think they'd fit.

Keeping this baby inside of me since 29 weeks!!

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Mrs. Lukie said...

Stay in there, Eli!! :)