Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life as of late..

Although it seems like YEARS ago.. I went in three weeks ago for a routine checkup. I had just hit my appointments every two weeks. The night before my appointment I had a lot of tightening- it came every few minutes- but wasn't unbearably uncomfortable so I just went to bed. It happened throughout the night and was still going on the next day when I went to work. About two hours before my appointment I jotted down the times I would feel i. When my DR asked how I had been doing, I said 'just fine' and before we ended the appointment I decided to hand him the scribbled piece of paper- which promptly landed me in labor & delivery. I thought they'd just keep me for an hour and let me go, but I ended up being admitted because I was not having braxton hicks, I was having real contractions- and they were 2-6 minutes apart consistently.

After unsuccessfully trying to get them under control with water, they moved to an IV, and finally a medicine sent from Heaven, Procardia. I thankfully only had mild side effects to the medicine for the first two doses until my body got used to it. The worst part of the whole experience was the steroid shot-- I had to get 2. Right in the butt. OUCH! However, it'll be very beneficial to sweet little Eli if he doesn't stay in there for me to of had this round of shots.

I am currently on bed rest for a majority of the day, but thankfully am allowed to get up and do a few things here & there. We have kept up with the Procardia-- every 4 hours around the clock. I try to time my pee breaks in the middle of the night with my 2 doses of medicine, but so far have been unsuccessful :) David is tired, I am tired, Sadie is tired. At least Sadie & I can take naps during the day :)

These are a photographers version of a maternity shoot on bed rest:

Our photo "session" lasted about 10 minutes-- it pays to know photographers :) I had 4 that attended my baby shower (which was held at my house so all I had to do was walk downstairs and lounge in a chair! Will share pics later!) and so one snapped a few pictures for David & I before the shower. Don't worry- I changed into a pretty dress for the occasion :)

It's no secret that we've been really behind on preparing for Eli. I had (stupidly!) thought that I would have the end of June and all of July to prepare for him- as I wouldn't be shooting any more weddings, I would be finished up with the full time job at the end of June- and life would be smooth sailing until he came :) David has had to do most of the work in preparing the nursery for his arrival, and now he has to do almost everything for us! But he's a good sport and a wonderful husband and hasn't complained once!

Sadie & Daddy putting together the crib
(the above & below picture just makes me laugh so hard!)

..and here I am looking very large at 30+ weeks
I keep saying to myself, "there's no way I can get much bigger"
..and then I wake up the next day and it feels like i've doubled in size!


Gwen said...

So glad you are doing better and resting. You are gorgeous girl!!! Stay in that bed and keep baking! Sending you my prayers.

Windy City Kelley's said...

So glad things are ok. Hopefully Eli has gotten comfy and will remain in your belly for a few more weeks.

Sherrie said...

I am glad to hear you and the baby are doing OK. Hope he decides to stay put until it's time to come out. :)