Thursday, February 5, 2009

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[Scroll down for DAY 3 of The Love Dare!]

[posted this on Facebook, thought I would add it here as well!]

1. I can make myself sleep. Sometimes even if I am not tired I will make myself take a nap because I enjoy them that much.

2. I can too easily cut people out of my life.

3. If I could say one thing to the person that hurt me the most it would be, "Thank You" I never would be where I am if it wasn't for the pain they caused me.

4. I could eat Pizza Hut hand tossed extra cheese pizza every. single. day. Or sushi..mmm.

5. I have never had a cavity or broken bone. Growing up I always wanted a broken bone so people could sign my cast.

6. I truly am afraid of freaky voices. The WORST prank ever pulled on me involved a weird voice. I bawled.

7. I worry about dying too young. I want to have babies first, please :0)

8. I don't like many breakfast foods--I have never eaten more than a bite.

9. I failed the "signs" part of the driving test the first time I took it because the red octagon didn't have the word "STOP" on it and I had heard how the DMV tried to trick you, so I put that you just had to yield and look for traffic. The machine went black and I cried.

10. My mom is my best friend. I keep telling her when she passes I will stuff her.

11. I research the economy, and LOVE working from home. And am excited about my photography business, but don't consider that a job!

12. I could stare at the stars for hours.

13. I got my first tattoo when I was 16, without my parents permission. Received my second (which was an addition to the first one) the week of my 18th birthday, and the third in April of this past year. I want just oneeee more.

14. I could eat cheese on any food.

15. It's hard for me to drink iced-water without a straw..but if I have a straw I can't put it down.

16. I can't see without my contacts.

17. I write everything down. I have endless lists laying around.

18. I love my dog more than I thought I would.

19. I am a totally different person when I sleep, especially if you wake me up. I don't realize what I am doing or what I am saying but I can be very, very, very mean.

20. I am on my computer more hours out of the day than not.

21. I think any cop is sexy. I can't decide if it's the uniform, or gun. :0) ..and to think David ALMOST went into the State Police program..ha!

22. I literally have two "different" thumbs. One is longer than the other, the shorter one even has a different sized nail on it. I'll take a picture sometime. My aunt has two of the 'short' ones, and I got blessed with only one.

23. I am glad that I have different sized thumbs than different sized eyes.

24. I LOVE to run.

25. I talk in my sleep. A lot.I'm trying to figure out a way for David to record me without me knowing so I can see what it truly is like to sleep beside a crazy person every night.


Abbi said...

"love dare"!!!!! love it! have you seen the movie!?? Fireproof!!?? awesome!

Sarah said...

Those are great!!! I've been tagged a couple of times, I need to get my list started!

THE Stephanie said...

hilarious!! And I love cheese, too!! It's so yummy!!

Lindsey said...

Sushiiiiiiiii! So good!

What are your tatoos of?

Employee No. 3699 said...

I am also a list maker. I usually have so many started that when I look for a particular one I usually can't find it and start a new one.

Mrs. Nurse said...

As I was reading those, it was like I had compiled parts of your list :). I could eat a personal pan from Pizza Hut everyday, I am blind as a bat without my contacts, and I research the economy daily too! Fabulous list :)

Rachel said...

I am right there with you at 19; I am very cranky if someone wakes me up!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you had me at CHEESE!

you know cheese is good on EGGS! :)
that egg thing again! :)

i just love these things... get to know more about each other!

jlc said...

I talk in my sleep too! AND I failed my first driving test. Hit a darn cone on the way getting out of the parallel parking spot. Got IN but couldn't get out. :(

I'm lovin your blog!!! So glad I found it.