Saturday, February 28, 2009

You asked, I answered! [part1]

Meg asked, "What is your favorite band/person to listen to?" Honestly, I do not have a favorite! When i'm in the car I lean more towards country, oldies, or pop...when I run, I have to jam to a faster beat!

Jenny.Lee asked, "What is your favorite vacation spot?" My DREAM vacation is to stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. (ohh so nice!) -- I believe my favorite vacation spot will be where we decide to go on our honeymoon!

Lindsey asked, "What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?" Honestly, for it to be over! heheh. [justkidding!] I am looking forward to creating the memory, taking pictures to last a lifetime, and endless smiles. I want our day to relvolve around family and friends, and to not get too caught up in the moment but enjoy the time I have with the ones I love.

Abbi asked, "What colors are you using for your wedding colors?" Black, White, Silver, and touches of Red --- and greenery. The bridesmaids are in black, we are having white chaircovers with black sashes, my bouquet is red roes, the bridesmaids' are white roses, and there will be touches of damask pattern around the reception--like the napkins.

Allison asked, "What is the best thing about living in DC? Worst thing? Favorite place to hang out? Advice for somone that is moving there? I have such fond memories about DC. My favorite thing about living in DC was the culture, and the fact that there is so much going on! There were always free activities going on--concerts, movies on the lawn, events. So.Much.Fun. The worst thing was the metro rides to work, sometimes they were PACKED! I come from a small town and was not used to that many people, and sometimes it made me anxious. I didn't visit enough museums while I was there, so I would recommend taking some time and sightseeing. :)

Mrs. Ruby asked, "If you had to be trapped on a desert island forever: Who would you take? What beauty item would you take? What food would you live on forever? Of course I would take David so we could make babies, and have more help around the island! I think I would take sunscreen (that counts as a beauty item right?) cause i'm scared i'd burn. If I couldn't take sunscreen i'd take chapstick! As far as the food.. i'd go with...a chef salad. (yeah that's more than ONE food isn't it..but I could have meat, greens, and veggies in it.)

Katy asked, "If you could quit work and live anywhere, where would you go?" I would stay right where I am, in a suburb of Richmond, VA. our families are close and we have all four seasons- We are close enough to the ocean and can view the wonderful mountains. It's perfect.

Cari asked, "What are your favorite skin care products? What is your favorite food to cook?" My grandmother has always sworn by the importance of a good moisterizer, and my brand is Oil of Olay. I LOVE to cook pierogies. They are ahhhhmazing!

Abby asked, "What is your favorite clothing brand?" I LOVE Ann-Taylor Loft. I am not picky about my brand of clothes, as long as it looks good. I have gotten a lot of great pieces from Goodwill--and I am not ashamed of that at all!

Mariah asked, "What are your thoughts on homeless people owning pets?" I do not like the idea of animals living on the streets at all. Also, if a homeless person is begging for food, they should eat it themselves not give it to an animal. Is that weird? I also think there is enough people in the SPCA and other shelters that people shouldn't pay hundreds of doctors for a "real" dog.

Whew! I will do the others in a post later this week!


Abbi said...

thank you for sounds beautiful! i can't wait to see's going to be awesome! i know your excited!

Lis said...

I loved reading your answers!!

Your wedding is going to be absolutely amazing!!! It sounds so gorgeous!!

I didn't realize you were living outside Richmond - at some point we will have to have a bloggy friend date! (I'm in Va beach, and after your wedding - of course!!).

Enjoy the snow! I hope we get some too!

Kristina P. said...

I used to shop at Ann Taylor Loft so much, but they seem to have changed their clothing line. I rarely find anything there anymore. :(

Jules said...

The wedding sounds like it is going to be very beautiful. I love the colors that you're using.

I would also love to stay on an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. I swear I'll get there one day!

Sherrie said...

Your wedding sounds lovely. Hope you had a good weekend.

Jenny.Lee said...

I am so with you on Bora Bora!

Young said...

I love your answers especially on the desert island. :D

Somehow it made me think, I wish I'm getting married.;)

Kyla said...

It was fun getting to know more about you!!
And your wedding colors sounds amazing :)

Liz said...

LOVE your wedding colors! That will be beautiful!

Tara Gibson said...

great post! loved reading it! Maegan said...

great answers ...when we were talking about a wedding instead of eloping, I wanted black bridesmaid dresses as well...HOT!

Mariah said...

I agree! I don't understand why people spend money on pets, whenthere are so many in need of a home

Laurie said...

Great answers and Bora Bora sounds wonderful! That would be a dream spot for me too.

"J" said...

That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!! I love love love love love your answers!!!!

I can't wait to see your wedding all put together - I love your wedding colors!!! It's going to look sooooooooooo so so so soooooooooooooo very good!!!!!!!!

How do you make pierogies? I don't think I've ever had them?????