Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pampering your man

Do you know that guys like to be pampered just as much as girls do? (If not MORE!) I really do think that by showing some extra love to your man, it lets them know how much you adore and appreciate them. Here's a short NONSEXUAL list (because everyone knows how to please their man behind closed doors. However, if this list leads to amazing s - e - x then you are welcome!) ((I spaced out the s - e - x because I don't want people typing that in google and coming upon my blog!)):
  • Fixing their plate for dinner. I do this every night..one night I was so hungry that I just sat down and started eating, and David thought something was wrong. It isn't "woman in kitchen-cook meal" type of thing.. I fix his plate because he appreciates it every time I do it..and that makes me smile.
  • Clip his toenails. (After he showers of course!) This one may seem gross to some, but I don't think there is a greater joy than a man laying on the couch getting his toes "did". After I clip them, I rub some of my lotion on them and give him a quick foot massage--which he loves. He would NEVER go to a spa like I would, so this is his own little spa. Put the yummy smelling lotion on them..he wont notice and you'll smile knowing he smells a little fruity :)
  • Back massages. Lotion or massage oil works great. If you don't have time for that, or just don't want to use either-just rub your fingers over his back-it'll make him go to sleep like a baby.
  • Cheer him on. I'm sure he's got a PS2, PS3, Wii, xbox..something! He probably spends a decent amount of time in front of it. David plays a football game on the PS3 usually every night (which is the reason I am glad we have 2 TVs) but sometimes I'll sit on the couch and watch him play acting like his own personal cheerleader..Even though I think the game is dumb, I am taking interest in something he likes.
  • Pray for him. This is perhaps the most important. I prayed for him before I ever met him, and I still pray for him, our marriage, our future.
  • Don't criticize or contradict him around others. People don't want to see you two bickering. Save it for behind closed doors. It could blow up a lot bigger than it should if you make him embarrassed around people, just bite your tongue and save it for later.
  • Take care of yourself. Put some makeup on, get your hair done (if you can't afford the salon, fix it nice yourself!), exercise a couple of times a week...those things probably don't matter to your husband because he'll love you no matter what but he will notice the extra pep in your step.
  • Help him shave. For Dave, hair is gross. (Which is FINE by me!! I am not a fan of chest hair) So occasionally he'll ask me to touch up his back. Which makes his muscles look bigger :0)
  • Tell him you love him. Every.Single.Day.


Rachel said...

These are great tips; I haven't done the toe nail thing though; he usually beats me to it LOL

Tasha said...

Great ideas! You guys are so cute together!

The Pink Chick said...

Love this post! What great ideas!

Debutante said...

That list is perfect!

Serve him his plate out of love, not 50's cliché. Check!
I don't clip his toe nails, but I sure pamper his hands. nail files, buffers, you name it. Back massage, and a touch up of the hair on the back too. (He feels the same way about his body hair.) That part is adorable!
Cheering him on during gaming sessions. (This made me laugh out loud!) I certainly do. And of course I take care of myself. I figure if I'm happy with me, he will stay contented.

I absolutely adore this list, and it's good to know I'm doing something right!


Lindsey said...

Excellent advice! You guys are so great together!

Jenny.Lee said...

Zane loves it when I rub his back, he falls asleep instantly! ;) Great list!

Jenny.Lee said...

Thank you!

Jenny.Lee said...

Yay! Your letter is H!

Lump said...

I don't know if I could do the toe nail thing. I don't like looking at anyone's feet!

you are one great catch! :)

Kat said...

I'd like to add:
Never put down his family. Even if he is complaining about his family don't add to it. They are still his family.
I find that women really tend to pick on their spouses families. Especially their MILs. Sure, some MILs deserve it, but most don't. ;)

Love the list.
And I prayed for my hubby before we ever met too. :)

The Pink Potpourri said...

awesome list. i've read most of those in our marriage classes (except the whole toe nail thing :)

thanks for sharing those ideas!! hope you have a wonderful new years!

Mrs. Cup said...

Great list! Happy New Year!!

MyKidsMom said...

Great list, even for us old married ladies;)

countrygirl3031 said...

Great tips Megan...hope you had great holidays!


Mrs. Ruby said...

These are fabulous! Although...I could do without the toenail clipping. :)

artisticace'smom said...

Very Sweet!

naomi megan. said...

this is a great list! and i am new to your blog, but it's lovely.

happy new year!


THE Stephanie said...

So true!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

"J" said...

What a sweet post!!!! The love you have for your hubby is so wonderful, kind and sweet!!!!! I love it!!!!! =)

You inspire me!!!!!

Wearing Mascara said...

Great tips! I love your blog and I am a new follower. Please visit my blog if you have a chance!