Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Buys

I got an e-mail from my friend (and roomie for a couple more days) Regina that said Boscov's had filed bankruptcy. You know me, I instantly went on their website to see if they had marked stuff down. And BOY did they!
(Ok, I do feel bad that this family owned chain is going out of business,
but I need to furnish my new apartment!)

Not that you care, but I am SO excited about the great deals that I thought I would share:
I am the proud new owner of these items..

Hamilton Beach Health Smart Grill
Normall $49.99
I scored for $14.97
Malvern Stainless 20 Piece Set by Hampton Forge
Normally $39.99
For $9.97!!
West Bend 6-Qt. Slow Cooker
(I am super happy about this buy!!)
Normally $49.99
I got it for $19.97
CorningWare® French White 9-Piece Set
(For baking & Serving, woohoo!)
Normally $39.99
For $19.97
Betty Crocker 5pc Silicone Bakeware Set
Normally $39.99
For $4.99!!

I got a few other things as well, but these were my favorite. I only spent $100 and have all the things I didn't have for my kitchen! If I would have spent the actual price I would have spent well over $200 on these items!


The Pink Potpourri said...

WOW!!! incredible buys! thanks so much for letting us all in this sale ;) i only shop on extreme mark-downs...i'll be making my way over to their website now!

i love all your new things!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oh me too, me too! I'm going to the site right after I push enter! :)

Congrats on your fantastic finds!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Okay, I'm in the middle of scoping out their site and already have two items in my cart! Thanks.

MereinSC said...

whoa! that's awesome!! i def. need to go check out that website now!

Inspired Kara said...

Wow!!!! My heart just lept a little bit reading those marked down prices. Oh do I love a good deal!

Great find on the slow cooker. It is a LIFE SAVER in the kitchen.

Charlotte said...

What fantastic deals. I'm glad you found them and took advantage since they were going out of business anyway. I'll have to check out that site.

Darlene said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. WOW...you got some incredible deals!! I'll go check that out!

Amber said...

That is awesome!!! I love all of your picks....really liking that crock pot!;^)

Liz said...

Whoa... hello early Christmas shopping!

Anonymous said...

WOW great deals - I especially love the crock pot. Every women has GOT to have one of them!

Pleasant Drive said...

Great finds! I DO love a bargain!

countrygirl3031 said...

What a deal...I went over there too...but I just gotta decide what all I want...lol.


Mama's Losin' It said...

GASP!!! Are they still on sale!?! Can I get some too!?!

I'm going to check NOW!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh wow, I love bargains!! Thanks for the tip! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, it was so nice to "meet" you! :)

artisticace'smom said...

Good job, Megan, your such a bargain hunter. That's my favorite way to shop!

Princess Abigail said...

Hey that is a long serious of fabulous deals there! You should have bought them in doubles - one for you guys and one for the Bernard Bunch! Its lovely to read your news again. We´ve only been here a couple of days but Mama feels like she´s been away from the world of blogging for a hundred million years! She will try and update the blog asap but for some reason her USB key doesn´t work in spain. Oh well at least the sun shines a lot!!! Keep rolling in those brilliant deals there megan!