Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Strikes, You're OUT!

I am so glad my life is not a baseball game.
I would have been struck out a long time ago.

Strike 1: Aunt Flo is in for her monthly visit. Even though since being on the pill it is much lighter and I know when she's going to strike, I am exhausted--and my body aches.

Strike 2: MoneyMoneyMoney! Does anyone have a money tree? If so, can we cut some of it off so I can grow one of my own? To make a LONGGG story short (and compress a couple month's worth of stress into a few short sentences!) My dad had to borrow some money from me, and I didn't have the amount he needed so I lent him my credit cards. He was supposed to make the minimum payments. 4 months later and I have paid over 1500 towards them and I keep hearing, "I just need a little more time." Things are tight right now, I understand that, and I have never known him to be in this situation--we were always able to buy whatever we needed and wanted. I hope something changes soon!

Strike 3: A lot of Doctor's in DC are supposed to be switching from accepting insurance, to not, and making you file a claim with your company. I went to one such office twice with their assurance that BCBS was going to repay me most (if not all). $500 later, got an EOB from BCBS saying they weren't going to pay anything. Jerks. I am going to try and appeal it.

Strike 4: Bossman. No explanation needed.

Strike 5: NOT going to Richmond to see Dave this weekend :( Going to stay in DC and pack my stuff up for August 15th move in.

..Ok, so i've complained enough.
I will have to list 5 things I am thankful for.

1. Hey, at least i'm not pregnant :) :)

2. I got small check that will clear the bank on Friday from when my Father died - So I will be able to pay off the credit cards. ((BTW, when I say DAD I mean my Stepdad--- Father = Father))

3. In going to the DR in time (because it was one of those walk-in clinics) I had a bladder infection (yes, both times. The first time the drug wasn't strong enough), if I had waited to make and appointment with my regular DR it could have been a lot worse.

4. Bossman has been a lot better about explaining what he wants me to do. He is sooo intelligent and has a lot of ideas floating around his head and sometimes but has a hard time explaining what he wants done. That can be frusterating for the both of us. But I have heard from the President of my company that Bossman thinks I am the best assistant he's ever had! :)

5. While not going to Richmond this weekend, I will be going and moving into our new apartment on August 15th--and I will see him every day, and his job allows him to work 5 days one week, and four the next--so on every other Friday he'll get to sleep in with me for a bit. (Then I have to get up and work, boo!) Oh, did I not tell you!? I am going to work my same job, from home. So even thoug I am moving from DC to Richmond, I keep my same job-title-and salary. AHHMAZINGG!

And to add one more good than bad
I am thankful for all of you.
You have become good friends
Even though I have never met you
I look forward to reading your updates
& learning more about your lives.
And for each of those that left me something to pray about
I did.
And I will tonight too.


artisticace'smom said...

Now I have more to pray over for you; and I will.
If it's not one thing , it's another. That is the story of life. I'm glad you choose to look at the positive too. It really does come down to our attitudes.
Take care.

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Miss Megan thank you for your prayers, they worked, Abigail is bright eyed and bushy tailed and just PERFECT! Well done at making the half empty glass suddenly become all full .... I sure hope my little Abigail grows up to be as sweet and selfless as you are! What an inspiration! You and Amber are two of a kind methinks (undercover Saints I suspect)
We're off to Spain now, but will try and get a peek at your blog somewhere in Barcelona!
Toodle pip

Employee No. 3699 said...

Hey, I thought there were only three stikes in baseball?!?

Only one week until you move, how exciting and probably exhausting with the packing. Do you think you'll change the title of your blog?