Sunday, August 31, 2008


The only thing I know about football is what cheers to cheer when. I was a cheerleader (football and basketball) for 8 years and coached for 3 years. I miss coaching. I will have to dig up some old pictures to post. I was always a Cowboys fan, for no reason other than that was what my family was..but Dave is a HUGEEE Redskins fan.

Yesterday I pledged to become a Redskins fan too.
I am sure that the biggest sin to switch from Cowboys to Redskins

I think for Dave's October birthday (the big 25!!) I am going to take him to a Redskins game.. Which would be fun, I have never been to a big game like that.

I am happy football is here, because that means COLDER WEATHER IS COMING!! I loveeee Fall & Winter.


Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm not a sports fan, but we just won Bears tickets at a fundraiser we went to last week. My Better Half is going to take my son.

Meg said...

I'm a patriots fan.

Melissa Ellen said...

Oh man! I'm glad you have switched over! it is comparable to a muslim converting to christianity in many redskin fan's opinion. hahaha

I will admit, as a lifelong redskins fan, more often than not, it is very hard!

I'd say he's gonna have a happy 25th! I bet it would be hard butting heads twice a year for the rest of your lives when the cowboys play the redskins


Mommaof2 said...

I was just catching up on your blog... First, let me say that I'm sorry about the two losses you've experienced. I'm praying for all involved.

Second, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Third, as I am from the mid west - I have to say: GO BROWNS! Yes, I am a Browns fan, born & bread. That's all we watched in our house, Grandma's rule! I take the flack about being a Browns fan in stride - you have to as a Browns fan!

Hoping your weekend was relaxing! Take care:0)

Tina Walp:0)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching football too for some reason. I don't really follow a team though - I guess the Eagles cause thats who hubby likes but I honestly don't really care, just like to watch.

MereinSC said...

yay for football! the pats are my team though! but i'd rather watch college football than nfl any day.

THEhooahwife said...

<8-O ! Oh no! You switched! haha... Rog will be so sad....

That sounds like a great idea for his Birthday! =)

The Pink Potpourri said...

oh i just got a little giddy reading your post :) i LOVE football season...lots of parties, lots of food, lots of cheering and COLDER WEATHER!!!

i want to stay in this dreamland at your post...i don't want to go back to reality outside my window where the blistering 93 degree weather awaits :(

Princess Abigail said...

Mama has awarded your blog an award because the Bernard Bunch likes Mess Megan's blog a lot. Come by and pick it up! HUGE storms here so, Yes, the winter season is well on its way! oh well!

Princess Abigail said...

oh, and by the way ...


Yes, Princess Abigail is a natural cheerleader too!!!

Huge snogs to beautiful Megan from Big Abi!

artisticace'smom said...

I LOVE football. It is so relaxing to me. I love to scream at the TV. My kids think I'm crazy.
I love the Panthers just because I'm loyal to the state I live in, even if they don't always do their best. My husband loves the Steelers, but doesn't watch nearly as much football as I do!