Monday, July 7, 2008

Around My Room

So, these are some pictures that I took today "around my room" The wood is not wood paneling (thank God!)--it is my wooden wardrobe. As you can see, I am a Photo-Fanatic..Living in DC I have a reaaaaaally tiny room, but it's okay because I have personalized it and made it my own. I didn't bring many things with me when I moved here because I knew it wasn't going to be a permanent housing arrangement.. (i'll save my housing arrangement for another day's blog) Anyways, here are some pictures from different areas of my room..
Note to self: The next two pictures are crooked, please fix asap. So this is something I bought yesterday at a local craft store. (Not the photo, I took that during the weekend with my sister) The green metallic background is just that, a metallic background for a scrapbook. I thought it was incrediably cute and had to snatch the stack. A great price item, $6.99 for 48 metallic sheets!
Another metallic background that I placed with a photo. (The photo wasd taken at the War Memorial)
One of my favorite recent purhases...a photo frame that holds 21 photos! I saw it at Burlington Coat Factory last week and it was love at first sight. Best part---it was only $20!! Such a steal! All of the photos in the frame were taken by me.
This was actually a decoration I bought for a party we had recently on the patio. I thought it was really cute and did not want to throw it in my closet so I decided to hang it on the wall and put pictures between the slits.
This is my favorite quote (which I actually have a tattoo of on my hip, in my own handwriting..really cool--Will post a picture of that later) Regina, my roomie, bought this for me because she knew how much I loved the quote.

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Employee No. 3699 said...

It looks like you've made your temporary home very 'homey' with all of your photographs. I love the metallic background you found and the frame from Burling Coat Factory. I've found some great stuff there myself.

Keep on taking pictures and blogging. I'll be peeking in on you soon.