Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Did you know?

Here is a list of a couple random things that you may not have known about me:
  • I am a netflix-junkie. Specifically, a Law & Order Addict. Last night I watched 4 episodes in a row of Law & Order. (Gotta love the instant watch section of Netflix!)
  • Most of the time I don't do wash until I run out of panties. (I'm trying to get better about this!) And i've always prided myself on the fact that, "Hey, at least I don't turn the panties inside out for another day's wear" Ha! (Kidding, that would be SO gross!)
  • I have to be chilly. Whenever I get hot, I feel like I am going to pass out. Literally..I see black spots. And at night in order just to go to sleep I have my ceiling fan, tower fan, and window AC unit running--all at full speed.
  • I like to think that i'm crafty and can make cute things, but let's face it...i'm not. I hope to be one day though!
  • Recently, I strive on being able to go home, close my door, and be by myself. I have taken a lot of time to myself for reading, long showers, and relaxation.
  • I have a milk phobia. I will stand at the milk section for at least 5 minutes trying to find the coldest and longest date until expiration. The day before the milk expires, I throw it out.
  • I can only use a bath towel once, after that I think it's gross until it gets washed again. (Even though it's drying off my clean body!)

I think this list could be endless, but I will stop with these. You may never check my blog again after finding out how weird I am about certain things! :)


Meg said...

This was great! We have a lot in common. I use to be netflix junkie but we have RedBox around and its only $1 and theres one across the street so not hard to return.

&&I totally feel you on the towel thing. I wash so many towels though but I don't mind.

Lizzz said...

I do the same thing with towels and it KILLS Tommy... just the way it drove Katie and my past roommates insannneeee. haha.

Also... the chilly thing. I can't sleep well if I'm not cold. I'm learning that. Bleh.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Yeah, I can only use a towel once.

The fan thingy at night, that's me...except I'm pre-menopausal...just wait until you're my age, you'll be sleeping with a bag of ice!