Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The family that _____ together, stays together.

My family has always been blessed to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our back (even though they were not the latest fashions..I still shop at goodwill!), and food in our stomachs (even if we did not like what was being served, or we had leftovers for days--it was still food). I will repeat. We have been BLESSED. Even though I live away from my parents and family right now I still am blessed with an amazing job- money to pay rent and afford the new clothes anytime I want. In saying this, When I was walking home from work today this lady came up to me holding both her childrens hands..

"Excuse me Miss-- could you help us out? We're homeless, stay at the shelter & the church was closed today. I am just trying to get some money for everyone to eat."

I will be honest and say that my first thought was "heck no--i've seen this a million times" ..which I feel bad about, but lets be honest-- living in DC, if I gave money to EVERYONE that asked me for money--i'd be asking other people for money. Normally I don't carry cash around but today I remembered I had $5.00 so I took that out and handed it to her.

You know how you always think about "what you should have done" after it happens? Well, I wished I had stayed longer and not hurried home. I wish I had taken them to subway (okay maybe Burger King-even though it isn't healthy--the kids would have enjoyed it) and I should have bought the mother and her two children a meal. After all, if they really were homeless and hungry (if not, that is TERRIBLE of the mother to bring her children into her lies) I should have done more. I wished I had sat down to eat with them and presented the Gospel.

Those who know me, know that I don't go to church every Sunday, sometimes go a week or more without reading my Bible, but I do know who My God is and I should have shared it with them today. I guess I can only hope that someone else had the courage and mind to do what I didn't.


artisticace'smom said...

I got your comment on my blog about the snake (my dad writes that I need to kill it regardless...) and followed your link, I recognized your picture from the other lady's blog (who is a great photographer) that I had stumbled upon. You do a pretty good job yourself, taking photos. The lion is quite amazing.
I like to occasionally surf blogs, and I've been thrilled to see just how many people are true Christians and are living it out. In our society, especially thru TV, I think we get brainwashed into thinking that the normal world is a Godless one, that we who are Christians and want to serve God with our lives, are only a tiny minority.
It does my heart good to see a young lady like yourself wanting to honor God by giving to a family in need. I understand your apprehension in giving money. Some people make a career by begging for money, yet spending it on drugs or alcohol. My children and I have witnessed on several occasions, beggers in Raleigh who hold signs asking for cash, in the 90 degree heat all day, instead of getting a job. There must be significant profit in order for them to do it.
I also understand how difficult it is to stop in the middle of your day, not being sure if this person really is homeless, or just pretending, and share Christ with them. However, it is great to hear that God has laid it on your heart to do so. Perhaps in the future you will be more prepared in what to say, now that you have had more time to pray about it.
As for Bible study, which is so very important, have you seen this sight?
I get Charles Swindoll and Chip Ingram's daily devotion by e-mail. It makes it easier to stick to a daily quiet time, when the Word is waiting in my inbox every morning - and it is free.
It was nice to meet you thru this thing called blogging.
Take care,

artisticace'smom said...

Congrats on the devotional. I hope it helps you grow closer to Him.
I see you were in Lynchburg, is that VA? My husband is currently working in Hardy, VA. Ever heard of that small town?