Friday, July 18, 2008

If I wasn't at work..

Let's face it. I'd rather not be at work today. In fact I would even prefer to have the "womanly" checkup. (note to self, schedule that.) In spite of my incrediably comfortable bed luring me back for another thirty minutes of sleep this morning--I was able to get out of bed and come to work. Ever notice it's harder to get back up to get ready if you give in to the temptation of laying back down for al little bit? Its like your body is making fun of you for laying back down & it's twice as hard to get your day going..

Anyways, here are a couple of photos
I pulled from my random facebook albums
and decided I would rather be in these places than in my office:

Driving down the country road. Windows down, Music Up.
(Except it's hot and I would have the windows up with the A/C full blast & the Music at a reasonable level)

Leaving my shoes behind to cool off in the water.
(..and maybe coming back to a nice drink and my hand and my handsome man by my side)

The Zoo.
I love the zoo. The End.

On a bench watching the water.
(Ok, I'm lying. I'd rather be on a boat on the water..but I like the picture.)

Would you like to also be somewhere else today?


Trish said...

It's warm and sunny here, but out my window it's just grass. I'd love to be sitting in a beach chair, my toes dipped in the surf, reading a book. No kids to keep an eye on -- just me.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Oh Megan, I would love to be any one of the places you've shown instead of sitting at my desk at work. I love that picture of a country road.

Hope you have a wondrful weekend!


Meg said...

I have to go to work tonight and I would love to be doing anything other than that.