Sunday, July 6, 2008


A friend & I visited this bookstore, Capitol Hill Books today after brunch. When you walked into this store there was this cute old man sitting there and explained where different sections of the store were located. There were books EVERYWHERE including a bookshelf in the bathroom, closet, and up the stairs! (which was a tight sqeeze) not like your typical bookstore! I was very suprised that the books were actually in groups for the non-fiction and sorted by the author for the fiction books. There were thousands of books in there, and at an amazing price because they are used books. I bought two for less than $15: "Five Things I Can't Live Without" By Holly Shumas --I have already started reading this one and it seems like a fun, light-hearted summer read...just what I was looking for. The other book, "Household Words" By Joan Silber I have not yet started but it also looked like an enjoyable read for summer tanning.

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