Monday, September 29, 2008

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Dave & I stay in a lot.. but it isn't really by choice. I work from home & am completing my undergrad online, while Dave is completing his masters. We're a bunch of nerds. That is why you all don't get to see many of our adventures, because..well because we don't go on them!! We are trying to do at least one fun thing out of the house a week.

This past weekend we went to the VA State Fair!

As we were walking up to the fair seeing all of the rides I was totally pumped saying, "I am going to ride everything!" These two pictures of Dave & I were taken right before our first ride. The TEACUPS. I thought we would ease into the rides, you not want to do the worst one first.

Let me tell you. This was NOT the teacups I remember. This was TEACUPS from HELL. When the ride started I was like "this is fun" but then it started spinning really really really fast..and wouldn't stop spinning. I kept saying I didn't feel good and thought I was going to throw up..this is how our conversation on the teacups went:

Me: I hate this ridddddeee
David: Close your eyes
Me: My eyes ARE closed
David: Put your head back
Me: My head is back!!! I want to get offf!

I am so glad I did not throw up. I have never felt worse on a ride. On a silly fair ride nonetheless! ****I just realized something. I did go to the doctor on Friday and I DID get antibiotics for the UTI. Strong ones. That is probably why I got so sick. Duh Megan. Okay, so now that we all know not to go ride crazy rides while on antibiotics, we can move on.

After getting off the teacups my head hurt and I felt nauseated. In fact, I felt sick until I woke up on Sunday morning.
I didn't want to ride anything else after getting off the devil's cups, but thought the Ferris Wheel was pretty harmless!
David is scared of heights.
I don't know why he said we could get on this.
I promise I am not laughing at him in this picture.
I promise I did not take it purely for the purpose to show you all.
I do think it is super super cute.
& I have learned that it is not "nice" to laugh at your hubs.

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Any ride that spins makes me sick. I will not go on them. Ever.

I'm glad you got out of the house and sorry you then didn't feel well.

Take care~

countrygirl3031 said...

OMG Megan, that reminds me of the tilt o'whirl. I used to love that as a kid, ummm, not so now! I got so sick on it...yuck!

Hopefully you're feeling better now that you're on antiobiotics!


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I went to the fair this weekend, too! I will put pix up later this week. So fun, so fun. We did not ride any rides, but boy did we eat a lot!

Inspired Kara said...

This looks like fun (not fun) !

Caleb and I had a VERY similar experience with this rocket ride thing. I was SHAKING for the rest of the night :)

And yes, those flower balls are pomador balls. If I learn to make them in flower class, maybe I'll do a DIY!

You can also make them with ribbon which would be super cute if you used red and black polka dotted ribbon.

Oh how I wish I was a wedding planner :)

Anonymous said...

I do NOT do rides at all - never have, never will... none of them! I am scared of heights and speed! haha

Melissa Ellen said...

too cute! I've never been to a fair!

awwww! those pics are sooo cute. hope you feel better!

New Girl on Post said...

I Love the pictures! I'm right there with you on the teacups. That's the one ride I refuse to ride when I go to Disney World. Just thinking of it makes me want to yak.

Rachel said...

Girl I get sooo dizzy on the tea cups w/o antibiotics
Glad you had fun...You look too cute in your sun glasses!

Ripley F. :-) said...

looks like lots of fun...
i love state fairs!!!!

just a girl... said...

that pic is cracking me up. Something about a man in a vunerable state just cracks me up

Princess Abigail said...

You two are such a gorgeously cute couple.

Even when you both want to puke up!

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog!!!!