Monday, September 8, 2008

Why I love working from home..

(Picture taken about 10 minutes ago..)


I don't have to make my hair pretty..
It can be its "hot mess" self
Some days I don't wear makeup
(but I always put some on before Dave comes home)

My work day starts at 9
I get out of bed at 8:55
and turn on my computer

I can throw in a load of laundry
while figuring out just how bad our economy is

My business attire is always neatly hung in the closet
and I currently have a tank top & shorts on

I can sit on my couch and work
but most days I try to stay at my desk
since i'm more productive that way..

Working from home makes Mondays
not seem so bad!

Check out one of my FAVORITE blogs,
My Journey Toward: The Glamorous Life of a Housewife
She is having an AMAZING giveaway.
Please ignore my comment to her about my movie.


Melissa Ellen said...

pretty pretty picture!

I wish I worked from home!

I love her blog too. SHe's so sweet and soooo cute!

Insane Mama said...

YOU look hot! I love your "messy" hair. I work at home too, I love it

Meg said...

You look amazing! I wished I worked from home.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Ah, working from home would be the best ever. I like the picture!

Employee No. 3699 said...

That's how you look when you first wake up??? I'm jealous. Not just because you're so cute, but also because you work from home.

Agh, back to my desk...which is Not at home.

Lizzz said...

You should wear your hair like that more often!! For real!

Did you get a dining room table?? What is that behind you? :)

Hopefully I'll be working from home sometime within the next two years, too! :) :)

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh man...I'd love to work from home. I'd just be afraid I wouldn't get anything done. I might just want to go shopping or something!

Love the picture...too cute!


Princess Abigail said...

You are beautiful Miss Megan!

The Bernard bunch has one thing to say, and that is


Mama's Losin' It said...