Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm defective.

I know you all are not doctors..and in fact I am going to see my doctor tomorrow on this issue. UTI's SUCK. I have had 2 in less than six months, and this one makes 3. How crazy?!? I don't get it. I am doing everything to prevent them.

See..Here's the Check-List to Prevent them:
  1. Water helps flush your urinary tract, so make sure you drink plenty of plain water daily. CHECK. I drink water ALL day.

  2. Don't hold it when you need to urinate! Women are often guilty of trying to finish a task before they go to the bathroom. Holding it, when you need to go, can help any bacteria that may be present develop into a full-fledged urinary tract infection. This one I get a double check. I pee alllll the time and at least 5x before I actually go to sleep, and at least once during the night..usually at 3AM.

  3. You've probably heard that you should wipe from front to back after a bowl movement. This is especially important to help prevent bacteria from the anus from entering the vagina or urethra. Ok, Duh. I totally know how to wipe.

  4. Taking showers instead of tub baths helps to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra and causing a UTI. This is one I should work on. I take baths. But I don't like taking showers because I can't see if someone is coming in the bathroom to kill me. BUT I do totally wash off with soap before I put the drain down.

  5. Always wash your genital area both before and after sexual intercourse to help prevent transferring bacteria to the urethra or vaginal area which can create a breeding ground for UTI. Check. I am a clean freak. Especially before/during these circumstances.

  6. Feminine hygiene sprays and douches, particularly scented douches, can irritate the urethra and possibly begin a case of UTI. So, be safe and learn to say "No" to feminine hygiene sprays and douches. Doing so will help prevent not only urinary tract infections, but also other infections and irritations that these products may cause. "Say 'No' to Feminine hygiene sprays" Doesn't that sound like they are alive and coming after you? I have never used these.

  7. Drinking cranberry juice is a fairly well known and natural way to both help prevent urinary tract infections, as well as help speed the recovery process when UTI develops. Just drinking two 4 ounce glasses of cranberry juice daily is often enough to both prevent UTI and speed recovery when an infection does develop. I take 2-6 cranberry pills daily.

  8. Another nutritional route that may help prevent UTI is Vitamin C supplements taken on a regular basis. Vitamin C increases the acidity level of urine which in turn helps decrease the number of harmful bacteria that may be present in your urinary tract system. I take a multivitamin daily that includes 100% vitamin C.

  9. Always wear panties with a cotton crotch. White cotton panties are even better. Cotton fabric lets moisture escape while other fabrics can trap moisture, creating a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Check. I haven't even worn butt floss in a long time.

  10. If you are one of a large number of women who suffers from frequent, recurrent urinary tract infections, a change in your position during sexual intercourse may help reduce the number of UTIs that you experience. Changing sexual positions may reduce friction on your urethra and reduce your risk of recurrent UTI. Women who suffer from extremely frequent urinary tract infections may be prescribed an antibiotic to take immediately after sex to help prevent the likelihood of urinary tract infection occurrence. Change of positions? Check Check Check. haha.

Sigh. This is so frusterating.

Dear Bladder,
What the #@$( your problem?


Reynie said...

So sorry for you! I've had ONE UTI in my life and that was an experience I don't want to experience twice. My issue was on your list. I've have since corrected that bad habit. Good luck!

THE Stephanie said...

You totally crack me up. I'm so sorry, cuz I know they suck... but at least you're making it funny for the rest of us :)

Princess Abigail said...

Oh dearie me ... I am sorry lil Megan. My Dad gets it sometimes and it does seem to be really uncomfortable. What about anti biotics? don't they blast the buggers out of the water?

I'm on my way to your house with my French doctor who works miracles in fighting cystitus! See ya in a coupla hours!!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

:( Yikes. I'm sorry!!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Get an antibiotic!!!

You missed one in your list: Make sure you empty your bladder before and after sex.

I personally think you are having TOO much sex lately!!!

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh Megan...I'm so sorry you get these. I used to too. Now I'm prone to kidney stones. I don't know which one is worse. Let me know what the doctor says.


New Girl on Post said...

Ok, this might be somewhat of a TMI, but the first year I was really having ALOT of sex I got probably 6 UTI's in 6 months time. It was horrible and I had to go see a urologist about it.

However, I don't have that problem anymore. Go figure!

Weeksie50 said...

Ugh. UTI's are horrible..

I loved the post about your sister..

Rachel said...

Ok funny post but I'm sorry about the UTI's...I have heard they are not a walk in the park. Make sure you tell DR tomorrow what the hootin holler...make them go away and bring your post...I mean checklist...get better soon.