Monday, September 15, 2008

Small Spaces = Not for Me.

Friday my sister texted me asking what Dave & I were doing for the weekend. Since no major plans were set, she decided her & Riley would go on a Road Trip. (The "boys" -her husband & son- were camping for the weekend) It was supposed to take them at least four hours to get here, but they made it in 3.5 hours with a stop or to along the way. (I think we drive the same way)

Such a wonderful weekend.
& here are some pictures:

Me at the "pond" behind our apartment.
Why is my stomach sticking out?

Riley & I feeding the fish

This was a HORRIBLE picture of me
so I tried to make it look not-so-scary by messing the light up.
I don't think it worked though! :/

I am getting chills by just looking at this picture.
You see, we decided to play a little hide-and-seek.
It started by all of us taking different turns hiding Riley.
(Who would nicely fit into small areas)
..and then Riley wanted me to hide.
So Dave & Riley wait outside
& Kirsten and I are running around to find a spot for me.
We settled on this little cabinet beside the sink.
As soon as I got in there I started feeling sick.
But, I had to wait until Dave/Riley found me.
I didn't want to be the loser who couldn't hide.
I believe that I am extremely claustrophobic.

The story is pretty funny though.
They looked for about 10 minutes.
Couldn't find me.
So Dave is all "I'm trying to find things out of place"
and then, he FINALLY notices the crockpot
is by his desk, under his bag.
(Firstly, I couldn't hide under his bag, too small)
I was like CRAP I'm totally getting caught now.
but, (haha) I do the cooking
and Dave didn't know where I normally put the crockpot.
So I had a few more minutes of him searching
until I was finally found.

By the time I got out, (and you can start to see it in the picture)
My foot had turned completely purple
and hurt so bad.
Dave opens the cabinet and Riley yells,
It took another 15 minutes to get back to normal.

There was a lot of this for a short visit.
Riley would get on Dave's back
and he'd "flop down" and then do a push up.
She was totally amused.

I tried, thank goodness there were no pictures.
it's a lot harder than it looks.
(& can we take a moment and stare at the sexy arms..mmm)

It was late, and you can tell that by the grossness of my face.
This picture reminds me of HOW GREAT Dave is going
to be at being a "daddy"
3 years. That's all I have to wait :)
Riley & I taking a walk.
She is so precious :)

Tell me, what did YOU do this weekend?


countrygirl3031 said...

Oh Megan...what precious pictures. I think all of you guys look great. And I can't believe you fit in that little space...can we say...tiny!!!

Glenn's shirt said "fish off your pole". Ya, he's a dork sometimes!

Have a great day!

Lizzz said...

Big blue eyes run in your family!! :) What a relaxing weekend!

Rachel said...

Wow girl; you fit in that cabinet...kudos for you; I may have been able to get my thigh in there LOL.
Looks like you had a great weekend...we enjoyed the simple pleasures too; most we did was venture to the mall and I got a purse on sale and we got the kids each a toy from daughter picked out a $8.99 play pen for her babies and was trying to bribe us for another baby; cause she "hab to hab it" we get home and point out all the naked baby dolls she already has and she was like "oh yea i frogot"
My son was thrilled with a Tom Sawyer book-he already read Huckelberry Finn...classic literature...too bad I can't remember what the book was about so I started watching the movie that he recorded on tivo...but I fell asleep. Sorry this was long but you did ask what we did this weekend LOL...have a great Monday...I love checkin out your blog.

Weeksie50 said...

You are to fun. I loved all the pictures from your weekend. I went to the movies this weekend and to wal-mart but other than that I didn't do much of anything.. It was windy and rainy all weekend. On Saturday it never stopped raining. It was nonstop. It wasn't a horrible weekend though.. I just hung around the house..


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend! :) Hilarious story about the crock pot cabinet. And ouchies to your foot!!

Inspired Kara said...

What GREAT pictures. I love these :)

I'm an only child so I don't get real nieces or nephews, so I'm a bit jealous.

This weekend we went to see Caleb's niece for her third birthday. We got her a tea set and an apron. She could not have been more excited.

Princess Abigail said...

Beautiful pictures Megan! And what a beautiful time you all had! And I thought you were beautiful on every picture. All those 'beautifuls'!!!!

ps: YOu SOOO do not have a tummy which sticks out!

Patrice said...

Looks like so much fun! The pictures were super cute!

I got your package today!! I loved it! I'm really feeling pressure now to send you the best possible package! Too bad my shopping is pretty limited, but I'll do my best! :) Thanks again, I'm so glad we were swap buddies- I'm loving your blog!

My home - My life said...

Did you hear anything about your job?

Looks like you had a fun weekend despite the possible bad news.

My hubby and I want to Philly for the weekend!

Rachel said...

thanks for the comments...I read aloud to my hubby and he was all like "I am a great catch aren't I" now his head is big!!! we went to counseling and the therapist said it was called "breaking the cycle". It was our chance to have our kids grow up in normalcy...long road but we are deifinately on the right track.

THE Stephanie said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! And no amputation, so that's a plus! lol

Melissa Ellen said...

I'm phobic of small spaces too...I'm also very competitive. I totally understand your predicament!

Looks like a great time and a newlywed story to be remembered for always.


Oh, and I saw your post about your job. I'm praying for you. I know if that does happen though you will find something just as great. You are very smart and so capable!

The Pink Potpourri said...

congrats, megan, you WON the giveaway on The Pink Potpourri! so please email me your mailing info asap and i'll contact the donater!

great post! i love the pictures. you are tiny, girl! i could probably fit my leg in that little space :)

Mamarazzi said...

love all of the pics!

GREAT hide and seek pic too!!

hilarious but kinda ouch too!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Oh, your poor purple foot. Ouch!

Glad you had a great weekend. I went out of town for Girls' Weekend. Still recouping!