Friday, September 19, 2008

Sex (need I say more?)

That's right folks, today I am talking about sex.

The thing I do not understand about sex is...why can it not freely be talked about? Granted, it is a private matter between two people (unless you're into the other "sort of thing") But STILL.. ALL adults do it..and on a somewhat regular basis (Well, and a lot of kids now a days too..Geez Louise)

I love sex.
Most certainly, not sex with some random joe schmoe.
Sex with David.
Is the Best. Ever.

Now we can move to the funny story, right?

The most embarrassing moment with David has to be the time we were (well you know..its what this whole post is about) and something just sounded, weird. Squishy, even. Well at the end I am getting up and a huge WERID noise comes from down there. I think the word is so gross that I am not going to say it. Dave & I just look at each other as I am clasping myself with my hand because I dont want it to happen again.. and we laugh. As I am laughing it happens again and again. David made a comment about the "air jets busting" or something. Either way, I hate it when that happens. All I can say is at least we can find humor in it. If we didn't, I think I would have sworn off sex forever.

Side note: I wish that I had "saved myself" for David. Even if we had to go through the "this is really awkward and I don't really like it" phase. The meaning behind it would have been worth it by far.

I am not going to ask you to share a funny sex story, because some people would consider that extrememly rude. But if you want, go ahead!


My home - My life said...

Haha funny post!

My husband and I did wait until we were married and we are both SO glad we did. That is one thing that I am so proud of (even though some people may think its silly).

Employee No. 3699 said...

Oh Megan, you naughty girl.

Funny post! I'm not sure what word you're referring to that is gross. I call 'em queefs.

Rachel said...

Queefs it right...I think we have all done it once if not more in our life...did I say that out loud? Too funny...and thanks for sharing with us! Happy Friday!

Patrice said...

lol! I love your openness & honesty! It's definitely to be admired!
I can't really relate yet, but that's probably a good thing right?! ha

Anyway I'm sending the package today! I'm sorry I took 4ever, I just wanted it 2 b the best possible! :)

New Girl on Post said...

OMG! You are hilarious and I'm glad you are not afraid to talk about this.

BTW....that aunt sounds seriously crazy!

countrygirl3031 said...

OMG Megan...that noise has definitely happened to me and I was embarrassed at the time, but with Glenn, you just laugh it off!

That aunt totally sounds pyscho...yikes!


Lizzz said...

Im just going to go ahead and admit that this post was a little difficult to read. I felt awkward. I know.. weird... me... the queen of TMI. haha.

My boss' IM screen name is "quaif" and I think if you look it up in the urban dictionary it describes exactly what you are referring to. Is that not hilarious?! My BOSS!

Miss Anne said...

THAT post cracked me the HELL up.

I love your "realness"


Picket Fences by the Sea said...

So funny!! That has happened to my hubby and I before...and yes, laughing makes it even worse!! Who Knew!!