Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In Kindergarten Mrs. Hall called me "motor mouth"

Two nights ago I had a wonderful dream
&& in dreamland I was petting this:
Except he (or she) was much bigger
and MUCH, MUCH more fluffy.

But then I got woken up by this:
He said I was petting him.
(He's saying, "don't take a picture of me, I'm eating" hehe)
Literally petting him.
--->Enter total embarrassment<--

..I wish there was a way I could get my dreams under control.
Every night I talk.
Sometimes SCREAM.

And most of the time I can remember what I was talking (or screaming) about.
crazy . crazy . crazy


Melissa Ellen said...

Oh - I so do that too. Sometimes more than others. My worst though... Is the sleep eating. That makes you fat and weird.

I'm trying to get it under control. I really did pack on about 15 lbs from it and I don't take Ativan!

I've lost 8 of those...but stress really brings on the night eating - and as you know I was stressed for the past couple of months - boo.

At least you weren't punching him. Shortly after first being married I gave Dude a black eye! I asked him what happened to his eye the next day and he was like. huh? and then he remembered I bopped him - on accident!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I do the same thing! My roommates in college were always telling me crazy stories about conversations I had in my sleep and of course, so is my husband. I can't help it! I'm a very active dreamer. :)

The Pink Potpourri said...

is it ok that i laughed out loud at your post? that is hysterical that you were petting your man! good thing you weren't in a boxing match :)

and i LOVE your new profile pic! beautiful!

New Girl on Post said...

Hey! Glad you stopped by my blog. :)

Your dream sounds funny and to wake up petting him? That's even funnier!

Meg said...

hahaha thats hilarious. Sorry.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

THanks for your comment....I catch myself cracking up over your blog :) I am going to finish reading it over my lunch

Jamie said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! My sister and her husband have some of the weirdest dreams, too. We all get a laugh at their expense quite often when they tell us the stories. The other day my husband told me that in the middle of the night he got up and went into the living room because he dreamed we were in a hotel and he wanted to check to make sure everyone was asleep. Who everyone is, I don't know...and neither does he :)

Employee No. 3699 said...

I think you need a puppy!

Weeksie50 said...

I don't dream very often.. Well if I do.. I don't really remember all that much. I wonder what that means?

That picture is hilarious..lol.


Rachel said...

I just came across your blog; your too funny! I have weird dreams too; most of the time I don't remember but last week had 2 crazy ones...geese I gotta lay off the ice cream or turn the TV off LOL

Rick said...

He didn't complain about the petty did he? A husband should never complain about that.

Inspired Kara said...

This is SOOO funny! Caleb is like this in his sleep :) One time he hopped off the bed and hid behind the side, he thought he was in a bunker at war!

Rachel said...

whats your email?

Liz said...

That's too funny. I have pretty vivid bizarre dreams too, and Matt sleepwalks. We're a crazy pair at night. :)

countrygirl3031 said...

That is toooo funny. I go through phases that I talk, yell, scream...and then Glenn wakes me up. Can't remember what I was dreaming about.

I love that puppy...cutie pie!


Princess Abigail said...

Thank Goodness for petting!

Signed : Abigail's Mama
(thats where Abigail comes from!)

Rick said...

Very funny - no a poke in the eye would not be so romantic.

Shannon said...

It is so hot here too but if I waited for cooler weather then I would wait until Novemeber and then it would be time to decorate for C-mas. :)